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This is criminal and shows why users flock to custodial wallets

Congrats, Zap 100 sats tomorrow to maintain and keep it

Went there to read about the browser, ended ip downloading the VPN

There is sats4likes.com too, you can earn sats there too.

When the solve relay lapses then Nostr will become the mainstream social media

The User interface is poor, as a UI Designer, I can collaborate with you and work out an optimal one.

I'm using brave browser, might check out Imprevious browser

When you start understanding Bitcoin you become a maximalist

Bitcoiners practice self sovereignty

Is it that it doesn't pay or what?

Trying out microlancer's services.

Most of these collapsed platform's digital assets trade are done OTC.

I will go for generation health. Money can't solve everything

What did the bitcoin investor say to the man who wanted some bitcoin?


Might as well be Jack Dorsey