Calling all Bitcoin builders!

Leave a comment below to let the SN community know what you're working on this week. It doesn't matter how big or small your project is, or how much progress you've made.

Just share what you're up to, and let the community know if you want any feedback or help.

If you missed last week's thread, here are the updates SN users shared from all their latest work projects.


Reviewing and testing Bitcoin Core pull request "Add pool based memory resource" by Martin Leitner-Ankerl.

It's a fundamental low-level algorithm change with the goal to cache more coins with the same memory usage and to allocate and de-allocate faster. The performance improvements are impressive.

It's not easy to review and ensure that the change causes no issues. Nevertheless, I think this kind of work is important to make Bitcoin more decentralized and robust.

Thank you for your service!

Remaking some old VW ads into Bitcoin ads:

Very nice -- great idea!

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Just spent time on your website. Well worth it!

Thanks to @k00b's recommendation last week, I was able to incorporate a startup with so much ease with AngelList Stack.

Now onto the raising journey. Got 2 investor meetings in the books already, just gotta continue that progress. Meanwhile continuing to iterate on what we're doing with Mutiny and project planning and design for the beta iteration.

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Yeah they even help you form an option pool now.

Most lawyers will warn you against using these tools, but tbh I think they're mostly upset they're taking work away from them. The lawyer I had do my option pool (before I knew angellist had one) checked over all my incorporation stuff and green lit it.

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Get that money honey

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Been putting together LNbits marketplace

Writing a new article for my blog on substack spanish ( if anyone wants to check out my old ones ) about book recos for and to understand Bitcoin from different view angles. And researching to make on about Nostr for the Spanish Community

I want to understand ordinals better. My node is still syncing so still limited by that, but interested in inscriptions and pixelart.

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Finishing up adding LN Payments to GPT4BTC: ChatGPT3.5 Client for Android. And starting to work on adding lnauth, probably using Where is some good documentation for adding LN auth login to Android app?

We're building an open source LApp for LND nodes with GRPC APIs.

Good nerd stuff. It's really coming along. First use is for a non-custodial rewards app we're working on. šŸ¤“

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I'm studying Cashu / Chaumian ecash.

And helped @calle and @gandlaf21 to disassemble a money printer. So refreshing. šŸ˜‚

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@dtonon, enemy of the money printer

šŸ„¾ šŸŖ²

Writing a sci-fi short story about Bitcoin for this competition

As every week, I'm working in a new video.

This time is about Nodes (on chain & LN) and why are they very important to the network, the video will be available (in Spanish) next week on my Youtube channel (

Adding relay support to Nostore:

I'm writing a Bitcoin book.

What's your angle?

Orange pill book. Everything you need to know to appreciate and use Bitcoin.

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I'm reviewing/wrenching on @bitcoinplebdev's PR for bounties. Hoping to finish that up today.

Finished the review and ready to ship ... Have a date night tonight though so going to ship in the morning in case I break anything.

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Working on LightningX mobile app! I started developing this project from this month/year. This is also one of the showcase projects to show my mobile app development skills by building LightningX with the "Build in public" approach. Written "for hire" post on SN:

I am taking a small break and doing some intermittent fasting that was long overdue, I started about 38 hours ago and i can't believe how ill I got. Fever and strong headache like withdrawal symtoms as if i had been on drugs which i havent (thinking of movie Trainspotting but not that bad) but it's almost over now which means I will probably end it tonight. Have a nice day.

Those are definitely the symptoms of your body switching to Ketosis (not to be confused with Ketoacidosis). Assuming you're otherwise healthy, those symptoms would be totally gone by day three. An initial 24 hour fast is commonly recommended to those wanting to go on the keto diet.

Yeah, if you can, get some electrolytes into your system. Lots of decent stuff on amazon like Lyteshow. Maybe I've just gotten used to switching to keto but I feel like it helps a lot. The worst I get now is just more tired than normal at the end of the day for a 1 or 2 days.

deleted by author

Learning XAML and C# Xamarin to implement my first bitcoin app (paper wallet generator).