Inspired by @davidw’s incredible Privacy Directory, I have decided to create a bitcoin learning resources post. I know it’s nowhere near as comprehensive as the Privacy Directory, but I promise to add to it and revise it as regularly as I can.
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The White Paper

Everyone who wants to learn about bitcoin should start by reading the white paper. You may not understand everything in it yet (I still don’t), but you will get an understanding of Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision in his own words. It is a good starting point on your long journey.


The Bitcoin Standard, by Saifedean Ammous
This book is considered by many to be the best explanation of bitcoin ever published.
Broken Money, by Lyn Alden.
When I first posted this resource list, I got some pushback from @elvismercury about including The Bitcoin Standard here, and not Broken Money instead. I explained that though it’s a great book, I thought of it more as a book about money overall as opposed to being a bitcoin book. I have reconsidered. It is a great book to read if you want to learn about bitcoin. Just be advised that it’s a very long book, and I think it’s more challenging than the Bitcoin Standard. It is certainly worth the time and effort.
The Bullish Case For Bitcoin, by Vijay Boyapati.
This is considered the best non technical introduction to bitcoin. It’s probably most useful for older people and those who have trouble using their computers and phones.
Mastering Bitcoin, by Andreas M. Antonopolous
The first few chapters of this book are an excellent, non technical introduction to bitcoin. The rest of the book gets technical, but if you feel up to it, challenge yourself. In my opinion Andreas Antonopolous is a brilliant advocate for bitcoin and a brilliant teacher. He can explain bitcoin in an understandable way for the beginner, but can also explain the technical intricacies.
21 Lessons, by Gigi.
Through Gigi’s web page you can either buy the book from amazon or read it for free online and send Gigi value for value sats. Gig turned a series of articles he wrote into a book. He has his own writing style. You will learn a lot from the book.
Digital Gold, by Nathaniel Popper
This book is a history of bitcoin, rather than a book written to teach you about bitcoin. Still, it is well written and very entertaining, and you will learn a lot incidentally.


I was familiar with Khan Academy since my daughter sometimes watched their videos when she was in school. I found this one recommended online. As is typical, Khan Academy does a great job of explaining bitcoin in a clear, understandable way to the complete newbie. This video is a high level look at bitcoin, but Khan Academy has a whole series of high quality bitcoin videos. Bitcoin Crash Course
I can listen to Andreas M. Antonopolous all day, and you can throw a dart at all his videos and randomly watch one and still learn a lot. This is an early talk he gave where he explains bitcoin in a broad, non technical way. Unfortunately, he’s sitting in the middle of a table of people eating lunch, so the audio contains the sounds of other people eating and chatting.

Web Sites

Jameson Lopp’s website is an incredible resource for people interested in learning about bitcoin at any level. Beginners should go to his Getting Started With Bitcoin page.
I’m not a huge fan of Bitcoin Magazine, but this is a really good basic course. You get an email every day for 21 days. If you successfully complete the course you even earn some sats.
A massive trove of information about bitcoin and related topics. You will find what you’re looking for here. Bravo, Shadowy Curator Man.

DarthCoin’s Guides

DarthCoin is a somewhat controversial figure with a manner that may take some getting used to, but I think his guides are excellent as step by step instruction. The sentence structure might be unconventional, and he may express some strong opinions, but you will learn what he has set out to teach you.
Here is a link to DarthCoin’s Substack Page, where you can find all of DarthCoin’s guides:
These are links that have been posted on Stacker News
What Is The Bitcoin Mempool? A Beginner's Explanation
How Does Bitcoin Actually Work? (Video)
What Is A Bitcoin UTXO and Why Do They Matter?
Thank you for this! I literally was thinking tonight that I wanted to find a guide like this -- I know a lot of bits about btc, more on the finance side than the tech side, but since joining NOSTR I've realized I've got a LOT of gaps in my knowledge, and I've never really looked into it from the ground up. This has given me a lot of great resources to check out.
I'm very happy to hear it. Enjoy the journey!
Into your booklist, especially for those coming to Bitcoin from a non-technical background, is Yan Pritzker's "Inventing Bitcoin" which explains how Bitcoin works without getting technical. Through understanding this, many of the normal early questions get answered.
I will definitely look into this book. I'm not familiar with it. Thanks
Pretty sure Swan in the US has it available as a free download - Yan was their CTO for a while
The one you really should add is "learn me a bitcoin"
Yeah, solid one.
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Here is my invitation link. Use the invitation code. Download here
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Great resource list! I created an interactive education app called Jippi for users to earn and learn about Bitcoin with others. Our site is here: We're aiming to be the most beginner-friendly pathway into Bitcoin.
Thanks for posting. I will check it out for inclusion in the list. You also might want to draft a post for the territory introducing your product. Hint, hint :)
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Thanks! And good idea, we posted in education but we'll post in bitcoin_beginners too
Of the books mentioned I have read 2 and I know 4/5 mentioned, all but 21 lessons, the videos I didn't know any of them, but what has caught my attention is Darthcoin guides, I will take a look at it.
No need to zap this post, please. I appreciate it, but it's just a revised and updated resource directory. I was under the impression that pinned posts could not be zapped. I guess I missed the change. BTW, it's great that pinned posts can now be zapped.