I am investigating the possibility to move my guides on SN from substack. And not for the sats mainly, but to have a direct contact with those people that need more my guides.
Yes, if you go and google a title from my guides list it appear quite on top, because of substack SEO. Not sure if that will happen with SN too. Yeah SEO stuff take time and SN is still young...
Maybe even having a dedicated territory, like "Darth-Guides" or something. See for example the Telegram channel I have where I post all the guides, for people that want to have them at hand. Is just a chronological list of them and many people are using it.
My guides are already formatted in markdown that is fully supported by SN so is not a big problem.
The aspects that keep me not doing this yet are:
  • I can't edit main posts longer than 10min. Sometimes a guide must be updated, corrected etc. And that take time.
  • I need an option to export somehow the entire pack of posts / territory (without comments) in a full zip archive. Just to have it as a backup.
  • Option to disable comments for a post. Maybe I want to keep it clean, just as a guide entry, people read it and then commenting on main SN saloon or wherever they want. For some posts yes, maybe is necessary to let people to comment and discuss.
  • I can't have separate sections by language. I usually write my guides by default in EN and ES, then later are translated in other languages. Also maybe sections / pages to configure by category / type of guide.
  • there are some more things to add but can't remember right now which.
Will see... I am not decided yet.
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That's a great alternative and looking forward to read them again here :)
The only issue I see is the inabiliity to make updates (something substack allows). On SN, once a post is published, there's no way you can edit. On nostr instead, you can edit long-format articles and resign it as many times you wish
Yes, there are issues. I think it's possible that @ekzyis has an idea in the works regarding the first issue- editability, which I think would be great for territory owners too.
I just don't want to see how SN became another reddit shit.... sad thing, is already moving towards that way. And that's why I do not want to post more stuff on SN (only urgent /important matters).
Some people even accused me that I am posting too much. So I said, ok I move away, I don't care. Let's see what shit are you posting...
Still watching to see the SN direction.
Just my opinion, but we need you here to keep the bitcoin focus, and also as a teacher. No question it's chaotic because of growing pains. Re territories, the new dev ones seem to increase deep discussion regarding building. Yours would too. I'm trying to increase adoption by pulling people from reddit to a sats based earning system, the way nostr is. I understand your worry, though.
People who say anyone else posts too much or wrong kind of stuff can close their eyes...or downzap.
Posts that get zaps get to the top, the rest quickly fade. I don't understand people who want to moderate by other means.
The zapping is the moderation!
Let the sats speak! This is the genius of SN.
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Unfortunately, I am not. At least no new ideas.
Imo, the UI should include a changelog for every edit (after the timer) but if the changelog should be similar to Github is not clear yet.
But in general, a lot on SN related to writing is inspired by Github.
For example, this is how it looks on Github:
Yeah, I don't really think that would be useful. You would want the edited post NOT to appear to be edited. Obviously you want the change record in github, but I don't think you need it for a post.
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You would want the edited post NOT to appear to be edited.
Mhh, why not?
Maybe I'm too worried about abuse, but I think commitment to your text within the current edit timer also has benefits.
With no changelog, there would also be no more edit timer.
The changelog doesn't have to be obvious but I think edits should be transparent 🤔
As far as I can tell, you want edits to work like currently just with no timer, right? For everything or just for posts?
Let me explain what I see as a use case. For what we think of now as a regular post, I think things are fine as they are. What I am looking for would be a static page, either like @grayruby 's idea of an expanded territory description, or a different type of post, that would be freely updatable and editable with the purpose of keeping items current, like an online bulletin board, index, etc. I think that's what @DarthCoin is looking for too, but I could be wrong. The purpose would be to update information without having to delete the old post and make a new one.
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So you're talking more about a new post type? Which can be edited indefinitely with no changelog?
Else I don't get how a changelog for everything (no need to determine beforehand if you want to edit this item in the future or not) would interfere with your use case.
Let's say I have a post with linked posts contained within it, like an index. Then let's say the stacker deletes that post and I want to replace it with a different link. It would be cluttered and pointless to have change logs visible if these updates are made frequently.
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It would be cluttered and pointless to have change logs visible if these updates are made frequently.
Yeah, I agree. But that's what I am trying to figure out: how to make it not cluttered and not pointless in general. I imagine "infinite edits" could generally be useful. We usually don't build something for, let's say, a very specific use case.
But maybe we can just implement this with no changelog (would also make it easier) and then iterate from there.