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Great stuff @rheedi0

I don't think number 1 is realistic. If it's a healthy for-profit company, it will expand it's offering in the direction of product-market-fit.

BUT, I do think it would be hard to create a nice UI that didn't attempt to generalize everything down to the lowest common denominator.

I guess, my wishlist is a BTC-native account with the latest and greatest the network can do. But then, I wouldn't really care if they offered shitcoin services in parallel. That said, don't send me spam trying to get me to buy some meme.

I like this. I'll add a fifth one.

Programmatic Access. I want a simple REST API with a token, scopes I can grant, revoke, etc. I want to be able to pull transaction data, move money between the above features, setup re-occuring payments, give my kids a lightning allowance that pays them fake interest, and make sure my hot wallet on my phone always has at least 5x my hourly wage in it...etc.

I'll be buying the bond issuance. And kissing the investment goodbye. If I ever see a satoshi back from it, it'll be a bonus. It's worth it for the experiment and the learning.

Wild to think that the interest rate of government debt could move (ie fall/rise), inversely proportional to the price of BTC (ie rising/falling). Because the state would actually become more financially solvent. All due to BTC.

El Salvador is the weird guy in the office in 2013 that everybody laughed at.

He's figuring out how to do it.
He's stacking. He's a bit loud and just a tiny bit arrogant.

But also, just infectiously optimistic and sincerely seems to just want the best for everybody.

I'm in. I think many are blocked by the volatility. They can't afford it. And the solutions to spend-and-replace have spreads or fees.

Personally, I'm willing to push through the above to bootstrap. I consider it charity paid to a better future.

BUT - I personally can put my finger on a single blocker I have. I haven't seen it discussed anywhere and I anxiously want a solution.

The only reason I don't wander around asking completely random merchants or general labor contractors if they accept bitcoin, in my neighborhood, is because of the safety aspect. I don't want my house to become a target. I don't want for it to be labeled as "the house where the bitcoin guy lives". I don't want to offer a job to somebody, then they mock me to their criminal-in-the-making friend.

tl;dr I think I need a citadel first

Slide 11

I'd remove the first bullet (ie your school/degree). And the "Many more..."

They both detract from, and were simply dependencies for, the other two bullets.

The other bullets are legit and more recent accomplishments. Especially the 300K MAU + Aspera.

For Slide 3

charges users Bitcoin to participate and pays users Bitcoin when they participate well

s/b something simpler...

Users pay to participate. Users paid to add value.

My point is, you should explicitly call out the problems on the left, and then explain the outcomes/consequences or why they are bad on the right hand side of the arrows.

For Slide 2

#1 Low quality contributions and spam #2 Moderation is required #3 Centralization -> censorship

s/b something more like...

#1 Noise -> Low Effort Posts & Spam #2 Bias -> Group-Think & Required Moderation #3 Censorship -> Conflicts & Governance

As you have it, you kindof have two sortof related things for #1, a stop-gap solution statement as #2, then this wierd arrow that makes #3 different/adhoc compared to the first two.

  • 3 months of work
  • 100s of users
  • more than 100.000 EUR deposits

That is a giant success.

Figuring out how to give the callable more context would get more interesting.

Just checked out the repo, if your ambitions are to eventually make this distributed. You could make the payout-hook into a callable with some kind of standardized output format that the server understands. Then allow a substacker to config a pointer to the endpoint.

ex: stacker.news would send a POST w/ a body such as {'substack' : '/s/mysubstack', 'commenter' : '/u/jeff', 'comment' : '1234', 'tip' : '100'} ...and then my own server could send back: [{'payto' : '/u/jeff', 'amt' : '50'}, {'payto' : '/s/erickuhn19', 'amt' : '20'}, {'payto' : '/u/anonporridge', 'amt' : '30'}]

...this could be open sourced, or closed source. People could audit both the history, and "test" the endpoint themselves with a hypothetical POST-body.

Amazing creativity. My 2 satoshi.

  1. Interesting. Will you be able to sign up for the subsub, but ignore the sub (parent)?
  2. It's typed more than it's said out loud. I think a shorthand will be created. Eg. s, ss, sss... ssssss. Then, memes will follow related to sinking ships -- which is okay. :)
  3. Fun. But, would the substacker be stacker.news<substacker name>/<substacker name>?
  4. I think you need to launch, with a well-thought-out abandonment policy. Squatting will happen quite fast, I suspect. Or, maybe you could use some bootstrapping funds - sell the initial rights to the substack for a fixed amount of satoshi. I think you could do some really cool stuff if you allowed a mini-turing complete language to run against the object model you have. Examples: give 25% of revenue to a random charity. Give 5% of revenue from the top 5 posts to the top post. Give 20% of post-revenue to a random user (or comment) each week (making commenting akin to entering a lottery. I think a garden of models would bloom, each kind of both competing and doing their own thing.

Feels like there could be a risk here, that could end up making it hard to get into the mining business.

a CBDC is something closer to being a perversion of cryptocurrency, or at least of the founding principles and protocols of cryptocurrency—a cryptofascist currency, an evil twin entered into the ledgers on Opposite Day, expressly designed to deny its users the basic ownership of their money and to install the State at the mediating center of every transaction.

I feel like I saw this coming a million miles away. But Snowden is a dang poet.

Worked for me from Wallet of Satoshi.

The node I'm using to teach my kids with. They are finally old enough. Wanted something dedicated with a screen they could use. Long story, I think it'll finish in ~2 weeks (not 17 per the photo).

Total cost: $0 (100% of the parts were just collecting dust in my basement, now recycled)

HW: External 2TB USB 2.0, Zotac w/ 1.1 GHz Intel Celeron N3450, 18" Dell LCD monitor @ 1280 x 1024 w/ 3.85 Gb of sweet sweet useable RAM.

SW: Windows 10 Home and a borked unetbootin bootloader from me trying to purge MSFT and install Lubuntu 18...no dice. No user friendly distros played nice with the SATA controller.

None of the above. Those are all low-effort.

satsymbol.com is where it's at.