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Yes you can run smart contracts on both the LN and L1. Taproot has brought significantly more functionality, but so has miniscript, we have DLC's, and rumors a PBSTv2 is in the works.

And of course there are safe ways to put dollars on the Lightning Network, TARO and others aim to do just this. Nobody said such things would be decentralized though, because dollars are a nation state currency stamped with authority of the state to begin with. Nobody in a decentralized game should be trying to make centralized nation state fiat function in a decentralized way to begin with. Thusly, I wouldn't touch any digital dollars or digital dollar equivalents that weren't regulated.

The one that talks about no state depriving any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law? In the US it's the 4th and 14th amendments. In El Salvador I believe it's the judicial protection clause under their own constitution ratified in the 80s

"Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

"Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safey."

Another low-rez reply. They're getting more desperate, now trying to appeal to emotions. There's no argument being made here, just an appeal to the plight of Salvadorians who you don't care about anymore than they serve the purpose of establishing a faux moral high-ground, which you comically fail at because you forgot first-principles of liberty.

Yes, and my original reply above was pointing out that Bukele's tweet is nothing more than a rhetorical tactic, which is in this case a logical fallacy admitting he's doing the same thing as the U.S. has, which—as you pointed out—is problematic. Bukele is a high risk/reward dude, and his crackdown and bitcoin experiment can all change if the economy doesn't change, and the political leadership does.

He doesn't understand all that stuff. He doesn't realize democracy is a complex political system that requires more than just periodic elections. It also involves the protection of individual rights, the rule of law, an independent judiciary, a free and independent press, and mechanisms for holding elected officials accountable to the people.

I'm waiting to feel that way, because relatively speaking, you've offered nothing to make me feel otherwise.

You're not proffering any arguments. You're using insults, anger, and voting rolls to justify someones post-election behavior. Very low-resolution stuff.

I've never seen a bitcoiner so excited about coercion and the authority of the state. Truth is you'd justify any rights violation or atrocity for NgU, which in this case is odd because El Salvador won't provide that.

And I'm not sure why you keep using left-right political party talk either. I find people that vote for either to be lower IQ types.

Can't wait until the discount widens to 100%. DCG/GBTC is a scam.

Not sure why this is relevant. I have no interest in censorship or telling people what to put in their profile.

Not the same seed no. That's BIP85 (child seeds) which Blue Wallet doesn't use. You can however do this if you create them using your own hardware wallet and use Blue Wallet as a watch-only for their xpriv

Perhaps there's nothing to do. We choose volatile growth over steady debasement. This is a long, difficult, and organic process. Keep stacking, watch the BTC/USD pair develop a more intimate bond, shrug at regulation friction, and say cheese at the halving. Volatility is bitcoin's best evangelist imo.

Personally I want Binance gone, DCG parted off, stablecoins regulated to the point they're accepted for commerce globally, and ethereum impaired before the next horn-gored bullish move(s).

Dude, they're fucking people, regardless of what twitter posts, podcasts, and other NgU desperation has said to the contrary. You don't get justice with injustice. What you've proffered are not arguments, they're talking points.

Who gives a shit. People are free to put whatever they want in their bio.

So you're willing to deprive people of due-process? And you're pro Patriot-Act? And you have no care for civil liberties? But the gangs bro! I don't want to hear about terrorism, gangs, or Russians as an excuse to violate people's rights; that's quite antithetical to bitcoin. And considering the deals El Salvador has made with China in exchange for their debt, how the free-trade agreement is going down under the One-China guise, and the lack of transparency around who holds the keys/custody for El Salvador's Treasury bitcoin, I'm surprised nobody has said anything. That's because all that matters is NgU. Not a goddamn thing else.

Bitcoin doesn't need Bukele.

What Bukele has done is great in snapshot. But guess what? There's an x-axis too: time. And if his economy doesn't improve rapidly, he'll face political revenge, and organized cultural division. Then he has to keep doing the same thing to political dissidents. This is always how these things start if you study enough history. Then suddenly a Juan Guiado type puppet shows up on White House grounds shaking hands with the U.S. President.

How would you define the process of putting dollars on the LN?

US dollars will (and should) be centralized. Anything else is a counterfeit of the dollar without regulated backing for debt—on something already stamped with authority of the state. Without regulation on their issuance and backing, they'll never be used or accepted in regulated commerce.

Stabesats are different than what I'm describing. Those require a derivative, usually a perp contract position from a business playing the jurisdiction game, which I don't like for multiple reasons.

Then you can just inscribe the sat to represent $100, $10,000, etc.

It's a terrible whataboutism argument by Bukele that dictators like making. It's propaganda. And how do we know proven criminals are the only ones in El Salvador prisons when they're deprived of due-process? This dude has violated every civil liberty in the book, and sandwiched them between two hot steamin' buns of civil rights violations. Bitcoin doesn't need Bukele, but based on the behavior of many bitcoiners willing to sell out freedom so NgU, he seems quite important.