I'm simply existing, and I'm growing sick and tired of it.
I don't have any purpose in life besides being involved with my grandparents which are both ~90 years old, and thus, can use a helping hand to get through the day, otherwise I don't have anything of substance to occupy myself with.
Yes, I like Bitcoin, yes, I like writing about Bitcoin once in a while, yes, I have a few days a month that I'm involved with the national reserve, but that's nothing I'll be involved with for long, either.
Beyond that? Nothing.
I don't have a fulltime job, I don't have a study, and I don't have anything on the horizon for either of the two.
Yes, Bitcoin is doing fine, yes, I could be worse-off financially, but: even a 10× wouldn't change a thing to the emptiness that fills my days.
All I'm doing is sitting in my golden cage, day in, day out, daydreaming about things I most likely won't do anyways.
I'm not here to have some anonymous people feel sorry for me, I've been taking care of that myself already... I simply need to vent a bit...
If you have any ideas which could bring a change to the above, feel free to comment, otherwise, thanks for listening.
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If you have any ideas which could bring a change to the above, feel free to comment, otherwise, thanks for listening.
Do something you never did before. Something you wouldn't normally think of doing.
It might be hard to come up with an idea since "think of something you wouldn't normally think of" sounds like a contradiction. But I am sure you will feel when the idea you have in mind is indeed an original idea for you.
It's essentially about changing your perspective. A lot of things in life are just a matter of perspective :)
And then?
Then I edit my comment
done, added this:
It might be hard to come up with an idea since "think of something you wouldn't normally think of" sounds like a contradiction. But I am sure you will feel when the idea you have in mind is indeed an original idea for you.
It's essentially about changing your perspective. A lot of things in life are just a matter of perspective :)
actually that's a good one - Do something you never did before, then you keep DOING it everyday!
😄, hm, have you done this already? What did you do to force a change of perspective?
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What did you do to force a change of perspective?
I didn't force it, I just couldn't sleep for days end of last year and that changed my perspective on a lot of things. For example that sleep is very important haha
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Well... Not sleeping / eating for days certainly let's you feel something new, maybe I'll have a try at that haha.
I wouldn't recommend doing it (like drugs) but it was definitely an unforgettable experience.
I have had similar periods in my life. I found that being responsible for others helped me to stop dwelling on my own problems. You already have that with your grandparents, but I guess it's not helping much. What about friends? Do you socialize much?
Nope, and the few times I do meet someone of the same wavelength, our ways part again not soon after.
I am responsible for my grandparents, but what once those two are no more?
I'm far of having all my problems solved, but I did find a lot of relief in improving myself as much as I can in every domain.
Starting hobbies that I like (after accepting that sometimes you can like things that are a bit dumb or werid) also helped both in giving me something interesting and hard to do and making me meet as much people as I could, regardless of our wavelength.
I assume that people always have something to teach me and when that feeling of "hmm, were too different" kicks in, that keeps me interested into developing that friendship relationship. Also that snowballed into knowing a lot more people in general, that keeps me entertained I think
Could you expand on the domains you've improved in?
I'm simply not that big of a social individual, nor do I "need" many people around me, but a friend or two would be a mighty-fine thing indeed.
I think both social and technical skills.
In the social side, I aimed to be more social. Being able to go to a new group, make some friends there but still being myself. Being able to chat with some random girl at the train was unthinkable for me years ago for example. It is a fun adventure to try to improve in that regards, idk I take it as a little personal challenge.
I'm trying to be more disciplined, sticking to a routine, doing new sports, put some effort into those and see the progres, etc...
On the technical side, I knew I wanted to get into 3D printing since a long time ago and finally got into that, learning about it, improving. New objectives regarding work for the mid/long term.
I still feel like there is something more meaningful that I can do but it takes time for me to articulate what it is, all of the above helped me to understand a bit more what that meaningful can be.
Clear, thank you. 😄
Yeah, the comments have started to make me rethink some things... Let's see what it'll come up with in the next days...
I glad it was useful!
Your grandparents won’t always be here. Enjoy it while it lasts and learn what you can while you can.
I know that, and I am, but I'm having difficulties on step 3.
You don't need to leave your "golden cage" to learn powerful new skills in this age of information. Then what? Then you become a better version of yourself and you can help us all along after you're done doing that with your grandparents.
I can empathize with your sentiment, completely. I think it is natural to feel this way. I sort of operate on the assumption that everyone does at one point or another, and it helps explain desperate things that people do. First step is identifying it, which you have done. Next, desiring to change it. Do you desire change? How much? That is an important thing to know about yourself.
Hm, I do desire change, but i'm very much afraid of it.
hmmmm, but shouldn't waste this opportunity being on this beautiful planet! For me, I have many things I want to try and learn, but I need to slow things down so that I can focus on them one by one.
If you have any ideas which could bring a change to the above
Maybe try with these
  • travel to see and feel the diversities - different ways of living and thinking, or maybe connect back to the root, tracing the marks left by people in the past and learning from them
  • find out what interests you
To be passionate about life, I think you need to find out what you enjoy doing and be surrounded by inspiring people.
"travel to see and feel the diversities - different ways of living and thinking, or maybe connect back to the root, tracing the marks left by people in the past and learning from them"
I've indeed been thinking about an extended backpacking-trip for some time, but that's only something I might embark on once my grandparents are no more.
I guess you are a bit stuck with the responsibility of taking care of others VS living for yourself?
I don't know much background of your family, but do your grandparents really need you there or more like you are subconsciously finding excuses?
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It's a bit of both to be fair, I simply don't wanna be away on some "adventure" when their time comes, leading to me stating put...
then take on smaller /closer adventurers, easy to get back anytime!
when you see more different things, it refreshes your thinking and understanding about life, not only it's full of possibilities but it's also up to you how to live life the way you want - maybe it will come to you one day what you really passionate about.
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Second the travel option, especially to developing countries... can provide some much needed perspective.
I think the so called developing and developed are fiat terms, the way I see places are old VS young, you can learn different things from both; or the one with real things ( humble yet with a long past ) or the one with good marketing ( pretty shell but empty inside ) . 👀
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Can you not be gone for at least a day? Or sleep somewhere else?
need to start small
I could.
You sound like an awesome grandson. I believe your grandparents would want you to explore more to find your own personal happiness.
Well, I am 😄, the thing is: I'm the most content whenever I'm with my family. It's not that I'm longing for some exotic, adventurous experiences per se, I'm more looking for something to work towards, something of substance...
I'm the most content whenever I'm with my family.
also, traveling is good for refreshing, what is more important or life-changing is learning and creating, traveling ( consuming ) is not the way to grow.
I've found that blindly consuming tends to leave some kind of emptiness; I'm all for doing it the hard, and thus more often than not, the cheap way.
I'd like to do a study in regards to learning and creating, but most studies I've looked into created the impression that they are strictly a prep for a future full of work (career), which isn't what I'm pursuing.
If you're depressed and looking for purpose, for the love of god, don't follow the awful "have kids" advice. Bringing another life into the world and making them deal with your shit ain't it.
I'm currently in a somewhat similar situation to you, and a lot of what you're feeling resonates with me. Best I can do is try to get out and make friends. The local bitcoin meetups have been pretty good for that. Find out if your area has some recurring meetups.. if they don't, consider starting one.
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Yeah, I dont get why someone would recommend having a kid as "the cure" either, but alas.
I've also thought about meetups, but the groups I've had on the eye were more of the social get-together type, at least that's the impression I got, which i'm not interested in.
Maybe i'm wrong and should simply give it a try...
What would your grandparents do, how would they cope, if they had made the choice not to have kids?
What will you do when you reach their age, and have no-one close to be with?
If you're not seriously thinking about having kids, you're sabotaging your future self. This is the reason you're feeling the way you feel, without purpose!
Life's purpose is primarily to achieve immortality through procreation. Everything you do must serve the purpose of finding the right partner to achieve this immortality.
No amount of travelling, bagpacking, meet ups, bitcoin, "try new things", and all the bs, will fill that void.
For the love of God, find a suitable partner and have kids.
Respectfully yours. 🫂
Not sure how old you are...
  • If you are under 30, Grow: create a big goal (business, school, athletics) and work towards it
  • If you are over 30 and under 45, find a good partner and have kids
The growth will set you up for the future. The kids will give you "why" to live for.
I sometimes feel like this, but I am a simple man, I go pick up heavy things for an hour or run after a soccer ball with friends and it makes the voices go away. I don't try to dwell on where I am or where I want to be, that's just going to make me depressed, but I look at everyday and see what I can do to get more closer to something I want, be that more savings, better health, more time for hobbies etc,
My best advice is try to break out of comfort zones, and try new things, and figure that its okay to hate that thing afterwards, but at least you gave it a shot and by the process of elimination you find things that bring you joy
You notice the voices are coming back, right? It tells you you are avoiding something. Hence the need to distract yourself with mundane things (sports). The more you keep not listening, the stronger the voices will become. "Things" don't bring joy!
Respectfully yours.
For sure, that can be the case, and if so you can start to take note and tackle it, but not everyone is ready to take things on and can do it at their own pace, also your brain can spit out a lot of nonsense so listening to every voice and acting on it, isn't always the right move
your brain can spit out a lot of nonsense so listening to every voice and acting on it, isn't always the right move
Like "go pick up heavy things for an hour or run after a soccer ball with friends"?
Follow the heart, not the brain!
Thanks, solid input.
I meditate. Sometimes, and often enough that I see it as a viable strategy, I uncover interests which my mind is low key thinking about and then I go work on that for a while. My overall purpose is to live a peaceful life and to help others do the same. We accomplish a lot simply by not creating trauma for others.
Also, thank you for asking deeper questions!
"We accomplish a lot simply by not creating trauma for others."
Oeh! That's a solid one, so true! Saved.
Meditation can be a big help to some, but it's not for me. 🌞
I simply needed to vent, but if it's (or the comments) of help to others, too, then all the better!
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At my current stage in life, I cannot relate, I wake up every morning feeling ready to do whatever I can to make my goal and dream come true. Life is absolutely amazing!
However, I did have a pretty long phase in which I felt extremely lost and without purpose so I thought I would share what that was like and how I gradually got out of it. To keep things short and sweet, I was in a very depressed state for close to three years. I've always had a passion for playing soccer but I got to a point where I began hating playing soccer and that destroyed my confidence and pretty much shattered my identity I had built up to that point. Soccer was my life, and I began hating it. Thus, I quit the sport I loved and that left me completely empty, without any direction, and from there things began to tank even further, as I began dealing with chronic fatigue, back pain, being anxious all the time, and that leading me to feel extremely depressed and I even contemplated taking the easy way out. But something within me refused to let me pull my own plug. And so I looked and looked for ways to somehow turn my life around and find meaning in life, all I wanted at this point was to be able to feel, feel anything as I felt extremely numb towards everything.
What eventually got me out of rock bottom was a breathing method called the Wim Hof Method. I don't practice it anymore, but during those lows, it gave me peace of mind, and got me feeling something for once. Learning about Bitcoin as well during this time gave me a more optimistic outlook on life for myself and for the world. But, the journey from rock bottom to where I am now took a lot more time, effort, and trial and error.
Ultimately, what I have learned from my experience of being completely numb towards life to feeling ecstatic towards it, came down to getting my health in order. And health is multifaceted and can take time to figure out, and take time it did. The exact way in which one optimizes their health can differ but I think the general ideas are more or less the same.
I will list out what has worked for me.
Diet: Low carb, quality fats, quality protein from animal products, well filtered water, little to no sugar and alcohol, and intermittent fasting. People may argue this, but I personally do well eating vegetables, especially of the non starchy leafy green kind. Become insulin sensitive.
Exercise: I'm back playing soccer competitively so soccer, but also have learned the importance of a solid strength and conditioning program in the gym, as well as learning to sprint. If you don't know where to start, I personally think everyone should learn how to sprint because it is one of the funnest things to learn.
Recovery / Rest: magnesium baths, red light therapy, breathholds for relaxation and conscious breathing (cadence breathing).
Eustress (good short duration stress): cold shower, exercise, zone 2 training, VR gaming (I use a soccer simulator, but also boxing, and one that simulates firefights), lifting heavyass shit, doing anything that gets me out of my comfort zone (even posting on here initially made me a bit nervous and anxious), traveling the world whenever I can.
Other: keeping track of my day to day health metrics via the Whoop. Waking up and turning on my light box, that stimulates the brightness of the sun (or just go outside first thing in the morning if where you live has good sunlight). Been trying fish oil, liking it so far, although make sure to get one that is high quality. Journaling everyday. Intermittent dopamine detox.
And yeah, that's basically what helped me feel excitement towards life. I had to optimize my health first, and now that I have that in order for the most part (always room for improvement), I have more clarity on what it is I want to do with my life, I now have purpose and drive. And regardless of whether or not you immediately find purpose as a result of optimizing your health, at least you'll be in better shape, have more energy and vibrancy, have daily physical challenges to conquer such as lifting or sprinting faster, and overall you'll start feeling good about yourself and gain confidence, and as you build up those small wins, and become 1% better everyday, purpose and meaning will start to show itself to you. This is what I believe.
All the best!
Wow, thanks mate, I'm glad you're on the right track again.
Everything is fine I'm terms of eating habits, but i'm a bit on the slim side, and I've been "out of the game" in regards to fitness because of health issues in the past few months, so these would be two points to improve on.
Otherwise I dont have much going for me... But as you say: health -> next step, that's what i'll focus on.
I am nothing waiting to die.
Please do not speak like this. You've been given a precious gift, life, more precious than all 21M bitcoins combined, and you're wasting it! It's like winning the lottery and throwing away your winning ticket, without redeeming the prize.
I appreciate your kind words. Please trust me when I say I'm not wasting my life. Where I am now and where I was a year ago are miles apart. Even in the worst of times I am patiently waiting.
The point of the song is to relieve some of the pressure put on us to pursue fame and fortune (fake happiness). It is enough to be myself. If I have a purpose I will inevitably fulfill it. If I have no purpose, then I guess I'll just suffer/enjoy until I die 🙂.
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If you're already into Bitcoin, and are a believer, there is something you can do for the good of the 99%.
First, if you haven't already read 1984 by George Orwell, that's essentially where we're heading and what taking back control of money can avoid.
Second, find a way to get into the system and slowly but surely switch corrupt money for Bitcoin. Doesn't have to be a job. Get your local cafe to accept Lightning. Personally I'm aiming higher and am 3 years into a FinTech that, If we survive, will become a bank that treats Bitcoin as an equal option to USD/EUR/GBP etc. By giving businesses an "easy choice". It's a serious undertaking, we're burning cash at 200k/month. Being authorised by a Central Bank (we are) comes at a high cost. When the wars of aggression stop becasue a government can't rasie enough Bitcoin we've won.
Bitcoin Core Developer
Yeah, I've been thinking about that and could totally see me do it, but I don't think I'm knowledgeable enough yet, especially in regards to lightning.
Do I get that right though? You guys are losing $200k / month?
I can relate. Have kids.
It sounds to me like you are looking too hard for things to be incredibly meaningful to you.
Instead, you need to rediscover the simple pleasures of experience. The enjoyment in things that you are presently dismissing as “unimportant”.
“What matters” to us depends entirely on our attitude and point of view. If you’re looking for something that “matters” at some ultimate metaphysical level, you’re going to see all of life as unimportant.
However, if you step back and try to experience the simple things as enjoyable again, you’ll suddenly see that you’ve been dismissing a nearly infinite supply of enjoyable experiences as meaningless.
Taking a walk, smelling the leaves, having a coffee, sex, seeing a beautiful innocent child, climbing a wall, hiking up a mountain, feeling an old book, …. All of these things really are enough. Don’t look past everything; look into everything.
Wow, I think you hit the nail with that, thanks.
Do you think you are depressed? Is sounds to me like you are, at best, stuck in a funk or, at worst, stuck down a depression hole. I've been to both places many times and here's my take. Either way, often there's not much other people can do to help with "ideas / suggestions", especially if the person in the funk/depression bats these off with a thousand "buts" or consults the Guinness book of excuses. They have a problem for every solution. Besides, not knowing the finer details of your life and what you're into, I'm hard-pressed to come up with ideas. I've been there myself and I just left a friend to herself, after years of negativity. I spent around 25 years giving to other people and putting myself last and, now I'm just coming out of that period, I am having to reinvent / find myself again. I have felt many many different emotions (believe me!). I don't drink alcohol or use any other psychoactive substance either, so I have had to "feel" and "deal" with every single emotion and it's tough lol. What it takes is a complete shift in mindset that only the person is in control of. Sometimes you have to feel "max pain" before you can "rise from the ashes" as it were. I don't know if any of that is helpful. Sorry if it seems blunt lol, I've got to a stage in life where sugar-coating is becoming more of a challenge. Other than that, you could try finding a good counselor and/or life coach. Or simply do the work yourself, if you can.
Yeah, I don't know... Been feeling down a bit in recent times...
"1 The words of the Teacher, son of David, king in Jerusalem:
2 “Meaningless! Meaningless!” says the Teacher. “Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.”
3 What do people gain from all their labors at which they toil under the sun? 4 Generations come and generations go, but the earth remains forever. 5 The sun rises and the sun sets, and hurries back to where it rises. 6 The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; round and round it goes, ever returning on its course. 7 All streams flow into the sea, yet the sea is never full. To the place the streams come from, there they return again. 8 All things are wearisome, more than one can say. The eye never has enough of seeing, nor the ear its fill of hearing. 9 What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. 10 Is there anything of which one can say, “Look! This is something new”? It was here already, long ago; it was here before our time. 11 No one remembers the former generations, and even those yet to come will not be remembered by those who follow them.
Wisdom Is Meaningless 12 I, the Teacher, was king over Israel in Jerusalem. 13 I applied my mind to study and to explore by wisdom all that is done under the heavens. What a heavy burden God has laid on mankind! 14 I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind.
15 What is crooked cannot be straightened; what is lacking cannot be counted.
16 I said to myself, “Look, I have increased in wisdom more than anyone who has ruled over Jerusalem before me; I have experienced much of wisdom and knowledge.” 17 Then I applied myself to the understanding of wisdom, and also of madness and folly, but I learned that this, too, is a chasing after the wind.
18 For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief."
-Ecclesiastes, Chapter 1
I wonder if you might get something out of the book of Ecclesiastes. Much of what follows is similar, and despite popular believe, if you read to the end and put everything in context, the overall theme is clearly NOT that everything is meaningless. At the least, you'll get a lot of sympathetic thoughts from the author, even if you don't come to the same conclusions as him.
21 sats \ 1 reply \ @Fabs OP 28 Feb
Well, I thank you for typing this out, but I dont think that i'll read the book, however:
"For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief."
resonates with me.
…gotta admit, I cut and paste the excerpt, so no worries on the typing. Yeah, the whole thing would definitely resonate with you based on what you’re describing. If you ever find the time (it’s a one sitting read), I can image you’d get a lot out of it.
find death before death finds you
You've got a lot of advice, but since I've been in your shoes, and little of this would have been much help to me, here's one more opinion:
As you go about your current life, whatever that includes, there will be moments where you feel a stirring of interest or excitement, like when you're walking around a city and you catch a whiff of baking bread somewhere; or hear music playing somewhere. And then you keep walking and it's gone.
You can start orienting to that smell of baking bread. Trying to walk toward it so that it gets stronger instead of disappearing.
That's it. That's the recipe.
What counts as the smell of baking bread will be different for you vs others. I don't know what it is and you might not, either. That's the beauty of the technique, your model of yourself is probably garbage, unless you've been living a very particular life you won't have a good idea of what you need. But being alert to what's alive in you from moment to moment is a reliable guide.
Nothing more is required than to attend, and then to act on what you notice. You'll discover something important. It's been very helpful to me.
I don't have any ideas for you.
What I'll do instead is let you know that there's at least one other person in the world who currently feels a similar way.
I'm speaking of a friend, of course ;)
Right... 😉
Sounds like you're frustrated with yourself. That feeling is one of the greatest things you might experience in life. Doesn't feel that way though, does it?
You're presented with a choice:
  1. Let that feeling exist in you every day here forward and suppress it.
  2. Change the actions you take every day and build yourself a life where that feeling exists no more.
In my very limited experience, some people can choose number 1 and accept it, the others simply can't.
There are no external factors at play, there are no answers from the outside world, there is no right path. All of what happens next is 100% your responsibility.
You already know all the answers.
Some random ideas that I think could help you to find what you're missing:
*Build something, could be a tiny house in your garden, house on a tree, greenhouse or even a forniture.
*Get a dog, it will force you to go out and walk every day few times a day. Training a dog is a good challenge and it come with some rewards.
*Volunteer in any NGO, helping others it is a good way to help you.
*Find love. with the right partner everything works out better.
*Grow some plants.
*Do some exercise. Running is a mental challenge, try it.
You are still doing a great job by providing care for you grandparents. I am myself doing the same, albeit for my parents. I myself went through some of these feelings sometime ago. Let me just tell you what I did to overcome them and hope it can help you.
  1. Meditate
  2. Explore within for what you want from your life.
  3. Start involving yourself in some other work like gardening, pet caring, cooking etc. Be busy.
  4. Get together with people on a daily basis.
  5. I started teaching neighborhood kids and adults 'How to speak in English'.
Hope it might help you out....
Coding python for AI research has given my life a never ending supply of fire and purpose.
I am not trained in it, have no background, but got a self hosted web app up and running. I read all the latest academic papers and write code.
If i did it for work id be sick of it. But it is a hobby. And i love it.
"Cant die before AGI" - one of my mottos
🤣, that's a mighty-fine motto.
You are blessed and have been given a chance to take care of your Gramps. Use it wisely. Talk to them as much as you can, they have been around for 180 years together, sponge that wealth of information and keep it for the next generations (your kids or others). Asked them what their life was like in their teens and 20's, that world doesn't exist anymore and you can preserve it and learn from it. Your purpose might be to take care of them and make them transition and they will know that their lives mattered, they have seen a lot and know what to do and what NOT to do. Make notes or recordings or whatever. It's right in front of you, that is now your job. You do have a purpose! Don't waste it. That's the way I see it. Hope you can see it too....
I can relate
After a couple ventures that fizzled out I’ve been drifting aimlessly
It’s a Groundhog Day challenge
I would recommend watching some existentialist and absurdist work.
Ikiru Woman in the dunes At the existentialist cafe Positive nihilism
The idea of we are born with meaning and purpose is a wishful one, hence most people feel lost once they realise that isn’t the case.
But existentialism etc argue that makes our lives more authentic and more free to do anything we actually want.
Unlike religion that gives you an ultimate purpose, that you must abide for the better eternal life, a meaningless life means you should enjoy the one you have right now.
Write down goals, self reflect, and get after them. You don’t get what you dream for you get what you work for! God bless!
I could offer lots of recommendations, but I think ultimately it is a state of mind. Social media perpetuates this. People only share their highlights. I share my snowboarding adventures. I don't share the sitting in my home office that is littered with empty energy drinks day in and day out.
I would argue that what you are doing, helping your grandparents, has FAR more substance than what most people do. It certainly has more substance than what I do day to day. It sounds like the main difference is I have more hobbies.
Nonetheless, if I didn't have a full time job I would get a morning work out in, pick up breakfast and coffee, go to grocery store to buy what I want to cook for the day, learn something new (physical like skateboarding or mental like math), and relax. Doing these things will lead to finding a community to share more time with.
Yeah... You're right, maybe i'm a bit hard on myself...
What I find interesting is that when you framed free-time in the sense of "what would I do without a fulltime job", I started looking at things differently, seeing possibilities instead of boredom, thank you.
It's all in the mind.
Take off the grey glasses.
Find something that interests you and work on it.
Find yourself a significant other, workout, and be careful what you concentrate on.
Bitcoin was the thing that animated me to take more action, hopefully down the road the same will happen to you.
A SO would be quite something, and I think that I'll start with fitness again.
I've seen it being mention a few times now, and it did help me a few times already, worth another try.
0 sats \ 1 reply \ @Tef 28 Feb
First of all, I want to say thanks for sharing!
I don’t have any “good” (this is always subjective) ideas/advice that would bring a change to you. I believe that no one can give you the “perfect” idea/advice because it doesn’t exist. The only one who can help you is yourself. Somehow, you need to see what fits to you.
For example, when I had a difficult time a few years ago (somehow similiar to your situation), I tried therapy. I found a good (subjectively good) psychoanalyst, and she helped me a lot. I can’t say that this will work for you. I cannot know that. No one can know that. Only you can know it. Try it! If it works, great. If not, keep trying other things (including other’stackers ideas) until you find what works for you.
The only thing I want to say you is: Don’t give up! It’s a huge blessing that you, me, and everyone else have come into this world. And each person’s journey is unique
Thanks :)
Yeah, I've been thinking about going down that path, too, for I think they could be great in giving some perspective... I don't know.
It seems you're looking for a sense of purpose and direction amidst a sense of stagnation. Try increasing your involvement in community service or volunteering, leveraging your interest in Bitcoin to help non-profit organizations.
As in: think about being a Bitcoin-ambassador? 😄
Subscribe to @8lock8, has plenty of good insights ;) Just released The power of a perspective few min before you publish this!
Can't deny that 😄
Have a child. That's our purpose in life.
Yeah, I'm still trying to gauge if that's really what I want out of life... So far, not really.
I see. For most people, when you have a child, you have a purpose in life.
A purpose indeed, but there are enough bad parents among us already, no need to join them. 😄
Taking care of grandparents and taking care of children may not be that much different, lol. I have kids but, tbh, I sometimes miss my old life too.
Jezzz 🤣
I've been doing this for two family members too. As I'm so ill, it's a bit like the blind leading the blind sometimes. One has recently passed, so I don't have to juggle so much now.
Please make sure you look after yourself - both mentally & physically. Don't do too much and burn yourself out. It should be obvious that if that happens, and the dam bursts, everyone could find themselves in a far worse situation. If you can explain this, well in advance to other able-bodied family members, you might be able to work as a team now to prevent any problems down the line.
If there's no-one else in the family to give you a rest well before this might happen, perhaps look for external home help - also getting time for yourself if one or both can get mobile and join a club. Their health and happiness might pick up too.
Do appreciate your time with them though - and see how you might be given an opportunity to gather your thoughts and make use of your time.
Take care and wishing you the best of luck.
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Yeah, it can be exhausting sometimes, but I wouldn't wanna change it, either.
The rest of the family isn't all too keen on doing what I do, they're also too occupied with themselves for that.
External help is a No-Go for them; they neither trust it nor want it.
I think I'll simply have to take some "time off" every now and then, having family fill the gap... I'll see.
It's sad your family are like that.
It sounds like it's good that you're there.
Hopefully they've granted power of attorney to someone with their interest in mind - if ever in the future it's needed.
Perhaps you or your grandparents should look into this, if they haven't already. We looked into it a bit too late, but it worked out in the end.
Again, the very best of luck.
Based on what you described, I would say enjoy your time with your grandparents, engage with them, make them speak about their life, learn their life history if you can. Try to find a job, any job, even if it's a braidead job, it will give you objectives, it will make you interact and meet people, if you can't try to do some voluntary work, for the same reasons. Do some exercise if you aren't already doing. Try to learn or read about subjects you like, or learn a new skill, today we have tools to learn almost anything, you can also volunteer to job job to learn something. The main point to me is, help people, get something to do, paid or not, learn, meet and interact with people, don't close yourself from the world, interact, keep an uplift spirit, and things will flow, don't think too much about purpose, enjoy people and life with an open spirit is my advice.
Thanks, solid one, I'll give it some thoughts.
If you like being involved with the national reserve, why are you not going to be involved with that long term?
The only advice type thing I have to offer is to do more of whatever is giving you some sense of fulfillment and less of whatever is draining you.
It can be useful to go through periods where you discover that certain things are not fulfilling to you, even if it's unpleasant.
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Because the work of a simple soldier sucks, I've been there. I switched to the reserves for some shooting and the occasional exercises every once in a while, but that too isn't for the long term.
My second piece of advice then is just to hang in there, because eventually you'll stumble over a great opportunity (or maybe it will stumble over you).
Have you thought of seeing a therapist? They're definitely more competent to help you out with this than random Bitcoiners.