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Yes, its possible to live on BTC only. We you are a sovereign individual that dedicated years to learn the way and you've made it your mission to educate others as well. Most people are not willing to do the work required to use BTC for EVERY situation.

The easiest option is to pay taxes, groceries and utilities in Fiat. It's easier to pay taxes than to avoid them.

Shitcoins offer easy privacy when privacy on BTC is hard. The easiest method for darknet is shitcoin.

The flower does not dream to educate the bee on the utility of pollen, it simply flowers and the bee comes.

It's great to have more privacy preserving ways to swap from BTC to Fiat (using gift cards, P2P, etc) and BTC to shitcoins (atomic swaps). This is how BTC matures into the most saleable form of value.

It's very difficult to be BTC-only today. BTC is not mature enough to be accepted by utilities, groceries stores, and tax agencies. BTC is not private enough to be used by most anonymous markets anymore.

The UX of routing nodes will get so good it will disappear entirely. Just like how you no longer have to pick wich routes to send your IP packets to in order to fetch a webpage, your browser and ISP does it all automatically.

Routing nodes will likewise become fully automated and achieve the "Lightning Reference Rate" in yield for their owner's capital.

Privacy is the ability to selectively reveal oneself to the world.

If I'm running a business, then my customers should demand my node is audited and I should consent to the audit.

If I'm hosting my own personal bank account on my node, my employer or ex-wife shouldn't be able to audit me against my will.

Is the thermal radiation that your body emits also publicly available? Anyone with a thermal imaging camera and a drone can see where you are sitting in the privacy of your own home.

Elon's private jet transmits it's coordinates in a publicly available radio band.

Just because the information exists, doesn't mean I want people to have easy access to it.

Anything that helps others access information about someone against their will is surveillance.

L1 privacy when necessary L2 privacy when convenient

Tor when necessary SSL when convenient

IMO the unprofitable noderunners will either shutdown, become profitable, or seek privacy/sovereignty. Unprofitable operators willing to snitch on their peers for sats are a growing pain.

But the faster we make snitching unprofitable, the faster we grow out of it.

What if someone doesn't want their node to be audited? What measures can an operator take to thwart analysis tools like this?

Thankful for the Bitmains and the Whatsminers. Thankful for the Samourai's and the Wasabi's. Thankful for the LNDs and the CLNs.

Boogity, Boogity, Boogity, Amen!


LND users are disproportionately likely to use default cltv_delta

non-LND users are more likely to match LND defaults for opsec

Yeah, it seems caddy is http only. Trying a ufw rule and IP table entry next to forward all traffic on the port. Will definitely write a guide after figuring it out.

Just go to k00b's profile and dump sats on his bio

Trying to enable hybrid mode on my LN node (aka. Tor and clearnet using a proxy).

I use Caddy2 as a reverse proxy for most of my webservices. Anyone know if Caddy can proxy port 9735 used for LN peering? I tried doing:

1:9735 { 2 IP.OF.LN.NODE:9735 3}

But I get errors when connecting to this proxied connection. It appears that the handshake fails or times out. Perhaps due to LN not accepting HTTP.

My fallback is to use raw wiregaurd tunnels, but I really want to use Caddy if possible.

Wait... You're saying my home's heating unit can also earn BTC? Well, winter is coming and we staying warm no matter the price or hashrate.

Separation of Money and State

If state-approved corporate media is this wrong about Bitcoin. What else are they wrong about. Listing to them is like asking to be programmed. Join the Zoomers and cut the cord!