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In Tor, urls ending in .onion are hidden services, no exit nodes are used when sending/receiving packets with .onions

LN nodes can advertise a .onion Tor V3 address for peers to connect.

The whole concept of centralized exit nodes is flawed. These days, you're only allowed to run one of you're working with law enforcement.

Anonymity networks aren't meant to bridge to clearweb. It defeats the purpose, funneling all your traffic through captured servers.

Use hidden services only. Use VPN or anonymous proxy for clearweb browsing.

Taro enables centralized mints to issue tokens using taproot outputs.

You can have a taro asset for stables, stonks, gift cards, rewards points, shitcoins, and NFTs.

Soon, you'll be able to send taro assets over Lightning. The sending and receiving node must support the token being sent, however, in-between nodes just route Bitcoin. Only the endpoints of the route observe the token's price volatility against BTC. In this way, Bitcoin is the value layer for arbitrary asset transfers.

It's the oldest time chain, yes. But many digital currencies using cryptography existed before BTC.

Some were even successful enough to get banned by the state. Some, like hashcash, even used PoW.

But the fact that Bitcoin is oldest and still on top of the game is very Lindy

Technically, there are many chains which are longer than BTC. They have second-long blocktimes, for example. Its the "cumulative weight" of the PoW that makes BTC superior.

I2P has a smaller anonset because the network has fewer users. I2P has the same potential to be as big as Tor (and equally anonymous). Plus, it does lots of things better than Tor. And more in-line with Bitcoiner's values: less trust, less centralization.

Evidence that I2P has worse latency? My experience has been the opposite.

Every node bundle (umbrel, raspiblitz, MyNode, etc.) should add I2P alongside Tor .

Start by running I2Pd and configuring bitcoin-core (easy).

Then expose services over .I2P urls (medium).

Then, we get LN implementations to support it (hard).

Then, node bundlers configure their LNs for I2P (should be easy).

Then, we get wallets, coinjoin tools, etc. to support it (hard).

Any of these tasks will make the Bitcoin sovereign stack more reliable than just Tor alone. We also have a chance for Bitcoiners to double the size of I2P's p2p network.

ode /ōd/


a lyric poem in the form of an address to a particular subject, often elevated in style or manner and written in varied or irregular meter.

I didn't even know I2P existed last year, but I was made aware, I experienced a need, and I reached for I2P to solve it. Now, I'm in that part of the rabbit hole where I must tell everyone else about it.

Get umbrel to install I2Pd by default and configure Bitcoin core to use it https://github.com/getumbrel/umbrel/issues/810

Keep fighting the good fight, bro (pro-critical thinking, against dogma). Shilling XMR here is like going to a Christian conference to tout Islam. Not sure what you were expecting. As long as XMR is accepted on the darkwebs, its no shitcoin in my book:


What about installations using their install script on an otherwise secure Linux machine?

This project uses JavaScript and the Express.js web framework. You'd use yarn.js to run the project and install additional packages. It does server side rendering of HTML templates (.ejs files), of course styles are CSS.

Assume that a centralized altcoin exists that provides useful privacy in areas where it would take more work or be more expensive to achieve comparable privacy on BTC.

If that altcoin was somehow implemented as a privacy layer for BTC (perhaps with atomic swaps) such that you are never exposed to it's volatility or consensus rules. Would you consider using it? Would you still call it an altcoin?

How is this different from something like Liquid or fedimints which also take a privacy vs decentralization tradeoff?

The odds are orders of magnitude better to win the mega millions than to guess a key with funds at random. You're better off buying $5 lottery tickets than spending $5 on electricity so your computer can make trillions of guesses for private keys. Even if you find a key, relatively few keys have multiple millions of USD worth of BTC. Many many more keys have less than 1 BTC. You're also better off putting that computational energy towards mining a block.

Another reason to crave attribution: ego. "This information is MINE only my genius brain is allowed to have this thought" not a great look IMO.

Not everything is free to copy and use as you see fit even if its freely available.

You're right. Not all information is free. There's an artificial cost imposed by the state's threat of violence or extortion from lawsuits. To use the tools of the state for information control is antithetical to bitcoin. Even wishing to be attributed is ego or profit driven.

No one cares who made the meme. If the meme has a watermark, it doesn't reach as far.

They did add something new. It's being served from the getalby.com domain. Resiliency of the information just doubled. Pretty big value add IMO. Some of the best information out there is freely available from hundreds of domains. i.e. the BTC whitepaper.

Congrats on getting copied!