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Many with mortgage in fiat world would still be tenants in sound money world. Many houses are underutilized as living spaces in fiat world. When an illiquid asset appreciates faster than the currency, the incentive to 'put houses to work' is less. Maybe there are fewer empty houses/rooms in sound money world.
In fiat money world, you borrow money to buy the house
In sound money world, you borrow the house to avoid investing in anything that isn't the most liquid good (money).
Glad to see "Splicing in LDK" at the top of the list!
recommend setting this in lnd.conf
The default value (largest) will grind your UTXOs to dust
Great MVP! Can't wait to see how you'll develop further the CMS functions. I'm so tired of dealing with woocommerce and have been looking for alternatives.
I appreciate the Bitcoin-only nature of the project. Perhaps down the road, cypherspace will support alternative payment methods via a plugin architecture. Would be great to use a self-hosted BTCPay and/or Stripe integration for fiat.
I understand with Alby, you can use your own node to receive, but this still leaks some payment information to Alby. A self-hosted BTCPay has no third-parties.
Very few ecomm businesses are ready to go bitcoin only. Their primary expenses are still in fiat, and most customers want to pay in fiat.
Lastly, I'd be interested to see some more effort put into SEO. This is something wordpress/woocommerce does well. I'd want my products/articles to rank highly in search results.
The suits are here. And they're looking for someone to pay so they can rest assured that they 'remain compliant'.
By operating as a for profit company with investors, Amboss has a direct incentive to seek profit by any means. Including catering to the 'needs' of fiat minded companies.
'Bitcoin Companies' and 'Bitcoin VCs' are still tied to fiat and state apparatus. The state will use them to try and control BTC.
They may succeed if allowed.
There's a reason Bitcoin was not founded as an LLC or CCorp. Bitcoin was/is FOSS because it has to be in order to resist the state.
If your bitcoin project isn't foss and you're not actively resisting the state, you are just an arm of the state working to control bitcoin.
Most nyms don't get doxxed because of any technical decisions or mistakes
The #1 way nyms get doxxed is by talking about themselves or others too much online.
Doesn't matter if your tor only, graphene, phone leaves no traces if you're posting traces for free on public forums.
Information wants to be free and Amboss is trying to profit by trafficking information.
Boycott and build alternatives. Make them obsolete.
Bitcoin is up 10x from...
What does a candidate for office have to do/say in order for you to believe that they support Bitcoin? The game theory suggests that politicians will do exactly that, then proceed to betray or ignore you.
The data suggests that for ALL of US history, most citizens have not consented to be governed
$ lncli getnetworkinfo { [other cool facts] "num_zombie_chans": "227742" }
Maybe he reads lots of GPT and was inspired to write like them