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Poking at my SSH-over-Nostr idea. I started by trying to implement it using a Python library via Burgled Batteries, but Python is such a pathological language that I had to stop after a particular stack trace. Yes, I know, there's ways to deal with that. But working with Common Lisp is 1000x easier than Python. Reading stack traces is a waste of time. I'm probably just gonna spend a while working on a Nostr library in Common Lisp, so I can write my SSH-over-Nostr client entirely in Common Lisp.
Python, not even once.
Your original assertion was that most land owners in American had allodial titles prior to 1913. You have asserted that without evidence. So, I provided evidence to the contrary, namely that American land owners did pay property taxes prior to 1913, which is impossible if they had allodial titles.
Where is your evidence that most Americans had allodial titles prior to 1913?
Prior to 1913, most Americans owned clear, allodial title to property, free and clear of any liens or mortgages
This is patently false. Property taxes were common in America well before the 20th century. Heck, Abraham Lincoln was a property tax attorney; one case he won was even about a lien on a boat.
but nostr clients don’t make money
Who was it who said that some VC tried to invest in Nostr per se, but they left when they figured out that there's nothing to monetize about Nostr per se? It's like trying to monetize IPv4 or HTTP; you can't monetize open protocols, because they are open.
If you want to make money related to Nostr, your only option is to use Nostr to make money.
If they're employed for long enough to pay-off the mortgage -- then they might get to become home owners. But any hiccup (e.g. a few years of un-employment) and they'll be nothing more than renters with a lot of debt.
This is indeed surprising. Bitcoin transaction opcodes are magic numbers, because that's the nature of all byte code interpreters. Encoding MIME type using a magic number would be perfectly in-line with how Bitcoin transactions are built.
Well, at least they aren't using XML to encode data inside inscriptions. (I sort of wish this were true, because that would be very funny.)
Live your life as if you were just sent back in time to re-live your life and fix your mistakes. And you only have this one chance to make it right.
You have already sent yourself back in time to re-live this time period. Unfortunately, your memories were reset, so you don't remember why you went back in time. This is your only chance to figure out what you need to fix, and to do it right this time.
So, sometime in 2025.
It is dangerous to think that the Dollar collapse is right around the corner. It will lead you to take risks that will impoverish you.
Moreover, you should assume that hyperbitcoinization will occur immediately after you die, and that only your heirs will see it. Any perspective short of that will lead to disaster.
Ask this question again in 6 months and Real Estate will get near zero votes.
I finally got the parts together for an alpha tent. It's just a poncho/tarp and two poles, so it's a small project. Unfortunately, the tarp I picked might be losing it's waterproof coating, so I'll probably have to start all over.
The lesson: Don't buy US military surplus tarps. The PU coating will degrade in a way you probably can't fix. Just get a sil-nylon tarp (or nylon fabric and waterproof it yourself).
He thinks there will be no 2024 election and tyrannical governments are going to be replaced.
I can see two things wrong with his prediction:
  • He is predicting an outcome that he wants to happen, which is a sign that he isn't doing unbiased analysis.
  • He assumes that election are the antithesis of tyranny, even though the three tyrannical governments he mentions all have open elections.
Where is the link to the actual announcement? Does everyone these days trust journalists when they say something you approve of?
The document is this.
Any news outlet that doesn't link to the original should be regarded as nothing more than a tabloid (which is most, but I digress).
In a post Usenet world, there's no excuse to distribute news exclusively through email.
The service is not free. They are going to do one or more of the following:
  • sell your email address to others;
  • shill you products/services you don't need;
  • track what websites you go to through their links, to sell that data to others or to get affiliate marketing revenue.
As the adage goes: if a service is free, then you are the product.
But sex is one of the main transmission routes.
Corporations really need to start having young people do their proofreading.
At this point, Americans are so dependent on the Federal government, that a civil war is impossible. The instant some state tries anything, the President can stop all the Social Security checks to the elderly in that state, and the elderly will flood the streets of the state capital demanding an end to whatever it is the state is doing.
The only way this could change is if the US Dollar were to become so worthless that few bother to cash welfare checks.
Somewhat related: I remember hearing some claim that Trump was the real person elected in 2020, and that he would step up at some point. It was some genuine Q-tardery.
Those people also said he should run in 2024. But if he was elected in 2016 and in 2020, then he would be ineligible to run a third time in 2024.
deleted by arthur

But for real, I recently noticed an account that deleted all of his comments shortly after responding to me. His comment was remarkably incoherent -- more incoherent than even ChatGPT normally is.
Google search did not use machine learning because it did not exist as a concept.
It is true that Google Search didn't use ML, but that's besides the point. Machine learning is only one branch of AI. Every introductory college course on AI covers each of the branches of AI, because the field is so diverse.
only until the mid 2000's onward have machines been sort of capable of actually learning
I would suggest you put in a little more effort into understanding the technology and its history before talking about something you're not educated on. ... Would you have been as dismissive of Bitcoin if cipherpunks talked about for years leading up to it how there will eventually be a technology that is capable of replacing the financial system? Because Bitcoin has been a goal since the HTTP status code for it was created. All technology is deflationary, failure to understand this and failure to understand what AI will deflate will put you at a disadvantage. So I guess in 5-10 years you'll just listen to some politician instead and point your finger at whoever they decide to scapegoat rather than making any attempt to learn new technology. Stop being so fearful.
To paraphrase an old adage among lawyers: "If you have the facts on your side, pound the facts; if you don't have the facts on your side, declare the other guy to be a philistine."
I don't know what to make of this article. On the one hand, it's good that it discusses the decline in home prices.
On the other hand, the article parrots the government's lie that homes are a means to wealth. Homes are a consumer good, which you cannot earn a profit from unless you bought low and sell high. But why would you sell your "forever home"?
Worse, the article doesn't even bother to mention Bitcoin as a hedge against the wealth-destructive effects of the boom-bust cycle. A $10k down payment is far better spent buying BTC, because that on average doubles annually. But when you get evicted because you lost your job and can't pay your mortgage payments, you lose all the money you poured into that home.
It is baffling that TFTC would publish such an article. Did they not vett the writer before hiring him/her?
Give it 5-10 years.
That is what the AI industry has said every 5-10 for the last 60 years. So far, only special-prupose AIs (e.g. Google Search) have born any fruit.