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Proof of work lifestyle. disconnect of the leash. pay as you go for the internet. 24 hours un limited access is the leash. Only use FOSS android apps. In the future Gnome desktop fill focus more on sovergn desktop and more P2P. I hope together with keet.io the will find to make a better desktop and mobile os that is more sovergn. https://foundation.gnome.org/2023/11/09/gnome-recognized-as-public-interest-infrastructure/
What is your educated opion around " carnivore " like diet
I suggest that we as bitcoin " maxi " community should stand for an " code review " federation. trust verifiable via web of trust signatures. sponsored/funded by like wise community and bitcoin standard companies donations via all means of bitcoin payment method in a multisig account. Maybe like a "nostrocket" dao. it just a idea to start a open discussion for the benefit of progress. Fork the ideas as you pleased
Bitcoin with no low time preferece is bitcoiner with shitcoin tendency. If you cant sacrifice to gain more in the future, that is no skin in the game and no proof of work lifestyle
I think your right. The thought leaders should separate the tech and design from bitcoin in two camps. Arichect vs engineer. like pure math is vs applied math. Achitect will atract the normies by intrigue how it works and fact check how it works at beginner level engineer level as go down the learning rabit hole. As an diverse opensource culture you have a more neutral entrypoint for ever one. My question is. was satoshi an opensource Achitect or engineer or a group of better organised team of both achitects and engineers working with opensouce knowledge?
Yep, esposing themself en enforsing bitcoin narative even more
She shouldn't be so preocupied with work. She should earn nothing and live happy and stay home and protect his child to commit a error buying bitcoin : this is a rthorical joke. lol
Dont give up. Creative people brings sometimes breakthrough nobody could imagine. remember Albert eindstein about Imagination. Someday you will hit it big. Look at this artikel If it will give you a push in right path
Yes, it is and could be more than advertising its pure un adulterated human signal. It should be presented as Opengraph as general news of the day. Like bloomberg totaly mis represented market this show the real market and could further build on it.
I agree Infinity. The reason of poor healtcare is direct effect of debasing money and working harder to fill the blackhole.