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is this an announcement of an announcement? yes it is. we don't take kindly to those around here.

ah ok, just realized nevermind!

yep, no more refunds needed. Payments are finalized only when code is actually received!

we have 3 features on S4S. Send, receive and rent. You can send messages (3k sats/msg) and then you can receive sms activations (3k sats/code)

We're working on a feature where you can recall one of the numbers you used in the past to receive an additional sms.

in that case you're better off just doing regular receive twice. which would be 6k sats.

when can we get links to SN comments? so that I can post it to SN and trigger snception. I think this comment is interesting by itself.

very cool idea and simple implementation!

it absolutely makes no sense, other than providing backbone for the cell towers themselves, there's no f'in way mobile phones are directly receiving that signal.

So he could replace microwave backbone with his satellites which would be pretty cool for rural areas.

let's not forget the ln chess game that @lightningkoala had built maybe he can restart it or open source it so someone else can maintain it.