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Coinbase do a debit card, works in the UK at least, wouldn't consider them to be shady
Not really, it has an all-powerful central controlling force governing precisely how it moves and behaves (the Sun), without which it would just be a bunch of independent rocks hurtling in random directions
Swarming behaviour comes to mind, eg shoals of fish, flocks of starlings etc. You'll see thousands of individuals working in beautiful coordinated unison without a central controlling authority, simply because each "node" is implementing basic self-preservation rules.
Lol just read this and the answer became clear: "if your heuristic is 'words used in strange ways' then you will get false positives from all teenagers." 🤣
PGPFTW. Love the tool, but why encode signed messages in bulky seed phrase format instead of compact hex format? Even the short Hi Bob message example ends up too long for SMS
Unable to corroborate this. Do you have a second source?
Funny nobody's conplaining about the BILLIONS of vanilla not-crypto dollars funding the terrorist colonialist state, that's currently openly committing genocide with the blessing of "The Free World" and its corrupt propaganda-soaked MSM.
Most people have no interest in getting all techie just so they can send/receive quick cheap payments. Most are perfectly happy to trust a centralised institution with their small change, and to go about their day not caring about all the geek stuff behind it. Horses for courses. The great thing about decentralisation is that anyone who wants to can participate in providing a global public good, but that doesn't mean everyone on the planet should be expected to do it. Most will just want to utilise it as needed and get on with their lives.
Great post and totally agree, this is where home mining is a no-brainier: use it as an electric heater! Next stop is to throw in some PV panels for a truly future-friendly decentralised vision of Bitcoin
Much better :)
No idea but monetising other people’s music for yourself without any kind of licensing arrangement doesn’t tend to end well!
Maybe look into how it’s done with traditional jukeboxes in your jurisdiction. Here in the U.K. you need to be a paid up member of the PRS.
Good luck!
Nice idea, could really do with debouncing the search box keystrokes tho. How are you passing the sats earned on to the artists?
Wow you just outed yourself as an asshole
And then spent weeks publicly shouting “fraud”.
'The lady doth protest too much, methinks. '
Hopefully they’ll throw a bunch on a LN node and head over here to stacker.news to spread some love