Let's Embrace Change! We can innovate much faster when building on the ideas of many. We call this open innovation.

WTF is an ODC

Howdy stackers, cowboys, cowgirls, hodlnauts and anyone else reading this message. We are glad to announce this initiative: Open Design Challenge, a series of competitions or project ideas to encourages the design, development and sharing of open-source ideas and help them come to life. This means that the ideas that you'll share here are freely available for anyone to use, modify, and share. A great way to promote your creativity, innovation, and foster collaboration. Are you ready?
Every Open Design Challenges works a little differently. We'll draw from the process of design thinking to lead us towards innovation. This typically happens over the course of a few different Phases. We’ll guide you through every step along the way if you need to:
INSPIRE US ALL, sparking new insights Start with a big, activating question that brings people together. Share stories or research to build inspiration and empathy for those affected by the issue.
IDEATE TOGETHER thinking big, builds faster Brainstorm bold new ideas and apply fresh insights to advance existing concepts. Test things out: get the tools to build a quick prototype and learn what works.
ITERATE CONTINUOUSLY reflecting and refining Share comments to help uncover issues and new opportunities. Use expert feedback, community support, and design tools to rapidly improve ideas.
IMPACT-FULL making it happen Elevate and celebrate ideas with great potential for impact. Connect and work together to bring ideas to life around the universe.

Yes OK, but Why?

Open Design Challenges are like idea accelerators that connect people globally with tools, support, and each other to build real solutions for today's toughest problems. This is a great place to start if you’re getting to know ~Design. Future is uncertain, but we can make it what we want it to be, together.
  • Access design support or funding to advance and implement your idea. Wait, did you just say funding? Yes you hear it right, SN it's a great place to kick-start and prove your ideas right. We have already seen some great examples of collective crowdsourcing projects. We aim to help and support everyone with ideas to make them reality.
  • Connect with a global community of innovators, experts, and funders.
  • Use ~Design resources and design thinking methodologies to develop, refine, and scale your ideas.

If you want to help build a better world, here you’re in good company.

How to participate in an Open Design Challenge

Dreams can become reality, and there are many ways to participate in an open design challenges:
  • Learn: each challenge will have its own guidelines and external resources to inspire your creative mind and give some lightning sparks to your neurons.
  • Participate: all our ODC will be shared exclusively here on the ~Design territory. No need to sign up or submit your email, nor any boring online registration form. Yes that's right!
  • Share your sketches, pictures, files, words or whatever else to illustrate and share your idea with our community and be ready to receive whatever come from there. That's it!
  • Collaborate with creators and help them improve ideas with your precious feedback and insights. You never know it might it grow in something tangible and usable one day.

So What's next?

Stay tuned! We are really excited about releasing the first ODC in the next coming days! For the time being, we'd love to hear from you, your thoughts and feedback about this idea. If there's anything you'd like to see here, any topic you ever doubt about, any problem you might be facing now, please reach out!


DM us on nostr if you have any question or need help with your FOSP (Free & Open Source Project)

Looking for the Open Design Challenges Archive?

Bitcoin Design also has a page with design challenges, one for covenants was added last week. Maybe something of interest on there.
Nice, thanks for sharing it here
The covenants design challenge sounds like so much fun and it's an incredible learning opportunity about something very topical right now. I wish I had the time to take it on.
It's a real pity to discover these contents on the bitcoin.design site so late. @gbks will be ok if we reformat the challenges there and re-present them together with our series?
Go for it, those are all public resources. I'm excited to see what people will come up with.
For covenants, we had a learning call last week (recording), and some conversation is happening here. Next, there was interest in exploring more specific use cases around scaling and congestion control, and do UI mock-ups around them.
issue #00 is out! had to change a bit the plans last minute... let see what happens!
FOB! Cool, I'll put my brain on it
Such a great initiative! Looking forward to it
I love to see new territories emerge, thanks for your time and effort, it looks awesome both territory and initiative, I will stay tuned!
Sounds cool