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people also said the same thing about social media, "smart" phones and always on connectivity.
Are we better now with all that? Convenience wise we improved. Everything else I doubt.
Thanks for the report.
Do you have LNurl addresses or a way to donate to the people shown on the video other than the alby address? Would like to send them a small donation.
the problem is when sunlight is available 18 to 24 hours a day. Hence the need for blackout courtains ;) but otherwise yeah, sun good. But nothing is good in excess.
bitcoiners should be terran players. This is the way. Protoss is def fiat
The UI is ugly and dated, both on mobiles and desktop. If the goal is to stay niche that's fine, if it's growth it must move forward.
A good example is how many popular and great wallets (such as phoenix or sparrow) look great, while maintaining simplicity. Specter on the other hand is a mess (I suspect not only on the interface but the code as well).
The problem that waiting too long for a new UI brings is that many current users will inevitably get too attached to the 'niche' look n feel and fear change, but at what cost?
If the excuse is that "we don't wanna attract idiots like reddit", well the bitcointalk forum is both ugly and has a lot of idiots.
Other than that mad props for all the hard work from everyone and especially k00b, big balls move to ask for genuine criticism.
The western (or any) MSM is a joke, so props for your citizen journaling here.
People who don't have too much spare income to save shouldn't save too much on bitcoin. I went through a bad situation at work where I unexpectedly wasn't paid for four months (I got paid afterward), and really regret having saved everything in bitcoin. I did sell a bit, and it was a terrible timing.
Bitcoin compared to the value of everyday essentials such as education, food and shelter is and will continue to be volatile for some time (many fiat currencies are too), and we can talk about principles all day but that doesn't change reality.
I have two very young children, a wife and an extended family that I partially support, so if you're a single person living with your parents or in a single apartment room (as I was before marrying) YMMV.
Although I agree with you, he posted an interesting writeup just now: https://stacker.news/items/229709
Hoping we get more from him!
neat, I hadn't even seen the settings at all, only profile. Thanks!
I also agree. An option to disable notifications, especially hats won/lost would be great, since it's a notification that doesn't add any value.
I am starting to use SN less and less because the aversion to this.
it's been at least 8 years since I accessed the flickr domain to see an image/photo. Wow. Rise and demise.
Great reporting. It took me a solid 3 minutes to actually realize the word play behind the name πŸ˜…
I can't say much about Brave, but DDG is into woke culture.
I won't give clear examples because what is considered as woke is different for everyone (for some it's the WHO organizers promoting a blanket ban on plastic straws while they fly their private jets to Davos, for some is Bill Gates telling us to eat bugs or lentil burgers while he can eat meat).
After DDG had their second episode of wokeism in something I was very against, I decided to ditch them. It's just a matter of time before they decide to filter their results (which by the way already happened because they used Bing before, the article mentions it).
You can use their someone@pm.me for your email which doesn't signal much.
Also, just like 99.99% of people have no clue that your USB drive is actually a bitcoin hardware wallet, I think most people don't give a damn about protonmail (unless you are in certain jurisdictions).
The solution is to either bury a decoy or just stop bragging/showing off about millions (...albeit of sats) you have.
There are plenty of good hiding places. Maybe inside a secret compartment in an old sewing machine?
Very interesting point. Although maybe for me not the universe but the milky way, or our quadrant.
The universe is a very big place.
People preferring to spend 99% of their time looking at stuff from a small digital screen and 1% admiring the world around (nature, delicios food, art, the sky, a concert, animals, other humans, architecture, and so on).
Wait what year is this?
The amount of brain wash on German media channels is insane, and noone is talking about this. Very few can escape this.