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Then I would suggest NOT going the CPFP route. The size of the tx coming from Relai would also make any accelerator service very expensive.
What is the fee paid by the tx in sats/vbyte?
Depends on the size of the Relai tx as well - if it's like 1/2 inputs and 1 output, would be covered by around 14000 sats at this moment.
If the tx from Relai includes a lot of inputs and outputs, it will obviously get more expensive.
Send them some BTC (to their storage address) that’s enough for them to use both the incoming tx from Relai and the tx you send in a new transaction to themselves, with a fee high enough to get the (I assume) low fee Relai transaction confirmed.
In 1998 I created a South Park fan site on Geocities. Wrote the HTML in notepad. Included dancing babies in the footer along with the contemporaneous “Under Construction” notice…
How far we have come!
Opening your site gave me a full screen scam advertisement impersonating Amazon
While the batteries in the picture and article are low power/long life batteries, it's only a matter of time before the Wh/kg of battery tech reaches a point these drone swarms become feasible.
On the bright side there's money to be made developing personal low-range EMPs or similar for defence, but that's another can of worms.
I don't mean to. Some sats for your worries.
I think its unfortunate this isn't getting more attention. Nuclear tech has barriers to entry that make it "easy" to gatekeep.
These things are gonna be built with 8+ year old cellphone parts and will cost $2 each on Aliexpress.
fully autonomous drone swarms.
the risk is incalculable and the potential threat to human civilization is greater than even nuclear weapons in my opinion. also… its almost here. we are one battery power breakthrough away.
Why not? Bitcoin isn’t debt based and isn’t a product of their system.
I appreciate your feedback! I was not implying Tails OS should be avoided. The sponsorship is just something I only recently became aware of.
In the end Tails OS is a sensitive open source project that has a community of people reviewing its code. This goes a long way in comparison to trusting any trillion dollar corporations black box.
Information is sparse using search engines, and I don’t feel comfortable linking to unverifiable Reddit speculation on security matters, but here is the list of sponsors on Tails’ website. The US Department of State is one of their largest sponsors as of 2023, over $100k USD.
Not sure what to make of it, and not fear mongering. Just wonder if it might be a conflict of interest.
I am conflicted about Tails being sponsored/funded by the US Department of State.
Since you ignored the explanation someone gave when you posted this same shit to Twitter:
This is a known bug in Bitcoin from 2010. Was fixed by BIP-30. There is more discussion here. Those 50+50 bitcoins are lost forever.
Also, and I quote, “The last version 1 block was 227,835, and it was mined on 3 March 2024” is bullshit. This happened a decade ago, and March 3 2024 is in the future.