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Did you think about to mixing WoS with BitcoinBeach Wallet ? It has many advantages IMO compared ton only WoS:

  • it shows well that money moves from one service provider to another at speed of light for almost no cost
  • it diversifies the wallets offer and could allow a quick moove in the case where one wallet have a problem of anysort oneday (regulatory, technical or else)
  • you could use the stablesats option to see if it is a demanded feature in Africa

21 sats for you to stop beeing the clown of the party, hope it is enough :)

I understand enough to know that people willing to change Bitcoin in its core design don't understand Bitcoin, and have been proven wrong everytime for 13 years. Fork it and sell it, don't wait for the masses to come to the conclusion of your brilliant mind.

You are so confident dude, but you are the one who understand nothing to human nature. No human intelligent enough uses two different kind of money unless he has no choice.

Greshams law (which is not a law of anything by the way) could (maybe) reduce a little bit Bitcoin usage locally speaking where fiatist impose their tyranny, but we don't care as long as it's used enough globally to sustain a good security for the network. And guess what (act number n until you finally accept that you will never take the CFA franc of a guy from Congo as payment) Bitcoin is the only available optoion to trade globally, and I bet this could bring a lot of traction on it.

Hoarding what is best doesn't mean that you don't spend or use it at all...I feel like I'm speaking to a socialist right now, with a deeply corrupted fiat mindset.

Gresham law can't be apply to a global currency without a global legal tender, that you like it or not. Without coercion from one big giant worldwide Nation State, Gresham law is meaningless seriously. In that case Bitcoin could become the money of the world, and at least be secured enough by the fee rewards...If you think adoption will stay like it is right now forever, then Bitcoin has indeed failed so moove away from that space dude

You can also imagine a world in which Bitcoin on-chain is used daily by 1-10% of the population and businesses, and where fees will be large enough to secure the network. An average of 10 cents / vBytes would bring as much blocksubsidy as we get now, and it is largely enough to secure the network.

Yes it'll mean that an average tx will cost 10 or 20 USD, but without this level of adoption in 20 years, where enough big amount txs are made in Bitcoin, then Bitcoin will not have really catch-up, and thus security budget will not be so important as nobody uses it. If you are right then the market will migrate on a tail emission shitcoin, but as you know we don't care about opinions and who might be right in Bitcoin space. Fork it, sell your coins, and as you seem quite sure of yourself, you will make a ton of money. But Bitcoin is a dicovery, not an invention. It is sound money or it isn't. Trying to convince others that they are wrong suspicious. Act don't talk. All of this has nothing to do with Satoshi, but with what sound money is.

Gresham law doesn't apply for Bitcoin as it works only in a specfic location with a stong legal tender enforcement. But their is no legal tender on planet earth. Bitcoin is global, and it is the only available option to trade globaly without trust or friction. It will be used for trades, and to build layer 2 and 3 applications. It will be used for what it is, P2P eletronic cash. Hoarding in only one of its use cases and you seem to forget that.

Bitcoin will be used or it has not point and your tail emission makes no sense if nobody uses Bitcoin.

Why people with such terrible ideas always want to sound like they are the smart ones understanding before all the others ?

Tail emission on Bitcoin is a ridiculous idea. If needed it means that Bitcoin adoption hasn't happen, and thus monero will be a fine enough (with tons of others shitcoins) to send value on the net.

Agree but interacting with the layer 1 is still amazing as it is by far the most permissionless layer. People with sovereignty concerns (which is the main issue Bitcoin try to solve) will always have to stay close to what happens on layer 1 and how to use it

Don't think Galoy is french even if Burtey its CEO is. I believe they are an American commany (according to what I just search) but you are right, not very different with regard to regulation. Of course non custodial is better but to onboard people I think it's imperative to have something which work well, fast and cheap...And honnestly Phonix is great but takes to long to setup for newcomers IMO

I would say BitcoinBeach Wallet. Trust them more than WoS who are regulated in Australia (maybe I'm wrong here) super easy, low fees, stable sats option for beginners who fears volatility etc....

Very non technical person here, but could NIP-05 help fight spamming ? As it seems to cost a bit of money to grab a identifier, could relays ask for "verified" users only thus avoiding beiing spammed ?

Probably donate to privacy focused projects, which allow plebs to managed their UTXO and Bitcoins tx in a private way without even realizing it. Wallets with Payjoin integrated by default, Coinjoins made as easy cheap and decentralized as possible, alternatives to Tor, submarine swaps protocols etc....

He is a big big big shitcoiner, his words are worthless IMO

Of course loans and credit will still exist in such a world. I hope the word bank will be mostly used to designate custody services entities which will still exist, the only difference being that this time people will have a choice on how they use and keep their money. Without inflation and money depreciating, giving custody of your funds to a third parties hoping to get a small interest rate will be much less appealing and more risky than today.

But there will be credit services providers for sure. The interest rate will be a true interest rate (which actually measures the willingness of people to give their money to third parties in order to get their interest rate) given by the market minus the deflation rate if it exists.

In fact this world would be very similar to ou today world it's not an utopic thing at all. It's how things naturally work without a monopoly on money printing....We just have to get out of our fiat mindset teaching us that inflation is natural and good for us, and it's the most difficult part IMO

Oh I seen something called "trust already exist" maybe it's already what I asking for here

Shouldn't ranking also be affected by the number of sats which have been stacked by each tipper (or by each tipper average earn by post) ? One sat tipped by a SN member with a higher "average sats earned by post" could affect ranking more than a sat from a SN member which has less engagement by post ?

Not sure if I'm beeing clear sorry :)

While you have only few thousand people on earth using lightning right now, you already have offline NFC cards being launch everywhere allowing instant payments. Plus you are speaking about sovereign nodes behind Tor for which VPN solutions already works well enough IMO, but you also can use intermediate sovereign wallets like Phoenix or Breez or Muun or others etc...

You are a little bit pessimistic here I think....

It's slow using Zeus+Taiscale ? Not for me it's pretty fast...It could be better in term of UX, to be able to connect using biometric rather than entering a password though...

How can you question Bitcoin future as a currency with this short experience without noticing where we were 2 years ago and where we are now ? Or you are trolling maybe haha

If you use Boltz through Tor, it is almost impossible to make a link between you and the new UTXO IMO

What I do for the few purchases I still do on CEX, is I withdraw from Kraken with Lightning (free withdrawal) to a mobile Wallet. This allow me to add a step for potential regulator who'd try to track me, and avoid a direct doxxing of my node.

Then I send funds from the mobile wallet to my own node (running behind Tor). Finally I use Tor Browser to reach Boltz of Deezy and perform a reverse submarine swap from my node. I assume the UTXO received on my cold wallet is now pretty "anonymous"