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I think stuff like fediments are layer 3
I don't know how that would even work. I say once your business is dealing with larger amounts to bitcoin maybe incorporate a liquid and or bitcoin hardware wallet.
I don't know if you can edit your feed through fountain to make it content type = music so it ends up in the music catagory in some apps like curiocaster.
I did this with my family but saved the qr codes of their wallets in my secure folder on samsung in case they lose access to their wallets.
If they use both im fine with it. If you just use patreon , you are not getting my money.
Can you leave posts like this on cooming.live and have this place be SFW plz? I don't think we should be alienating anyone coming here.
This is great for users that want to be tipped by cashapp or strike users since they don't have address support.
Has anyone used robosats as a middleman like you set it up where a friend sends zello/venmo/etc to the robot and the robot sends you bitcoin?
You can do withdrawal links but the bolt card application rotates the address so they can't be reused.
How is this different then using LNurl-withdraw ?
I have let blogs use my photos and other YouTube channels use my clips without asking for money . From my experience i knew video streamers go behind a paywall and fall in obscurity and those that were donation based thrived. Paywalls are a complete turnoff but I have donated more frequently over time to content makers I liked. Sometimes larger sums to pick up the perceived slack from others. Like if wikipedia went behind a paywall, people would look for other sites.
Bitcoin is part of the open source ecosystem that encourages free products for all and donations to support the projects.
I think lightning addresses are sufficient enough
I use my fountain address so it's not directly correlated with my wallet. I send sats there anyway.
I use strike and direct deposit part of my paycheck then send it to my node.