building in the open #1 is a brand new meme platform where you can create and share memes and emojis, and earn Bitcoin! We're currently competing in the PlebLabs Top Builder competition.
this is our weekly progress update post! we'll be outlining what we've been up to this week, what we plan for next week, general strategy and product roadmap stuff, and other random ideas!


CTO - Jowo (@jowo) is a Full-stack web engineer with an indie game development background. He's been working in Bitcoin for one year and has had a keen interest since 2015.
CMO (Chief Meme Officer) - JD (@zapmeme) is a meme connoisseur and Bitcoiner. He's worked in people facing roles for over 10 years and is helping out with doing testing and meme curation, as well as a myriad of other tasks that need attention. Once we have traction, he'll also be in charge of customer support and operating as a moderator.

Last month

During last month we've been working like crazy to get the bare bones MVP built. Now that we're there, it's time to get the app out there, get people using it, and pivot where necessary. So far we've built:
  • a robust tech stack to work with so we can move quickly but maintain a high code quality.
  • put together a basic wire-frame design
  • integrated user profiles / login etc
  • built all the pages for showing content: meme feed, the emoji feed, etc
  • adding reaction functionality into the app so you can react to memes with custom emojis
  • integrated a custodial Lightning wallet using ZBD
  • decided on a name for our app and configured the domain

This week

It's been a busy week on our side. We soft-launched our app during this week's Meme Monday on SN. It went well, we received some positive feedback and encouragement which is always nice. (If you guys have any critical feedback it'd be much appreciated too!)
Now that the app is out there in the hands of real users, the goal is to get feedback and grow our user-base. We've already made some adjustments to our strategy based on what we've seen and learned during the launch:


See here for a previous outline of our strategy: #401783
This week we've decided to shift our strategy a bit. We had planned to get as many meme creators signed up on our platform as possible and uploading memes directly into our app. However, we've come to understand that this presents a significant challenge and we believe it will slow us down a lot. Our goal right now is growth, we want users viewing and reacting to memes!
So, this week, we've built a bunch of tools and refactored our app so that content generation on is automatic. We're able to easily pull in 1000s of memes from two sources. and Nostr.
When these memes are pulled in, we generate a profile for the meme creator, which they can claim later when they sign up to, along with any sats their memes have earned.
We think this is a really cool way of handling content creation. It allows us to skip the whole "chicken and egg" situation that user generated content platforms often have: they have no users making content, so they have no users viewing content, so they have no users making content, so they have no users viewing content... ♻️
we're avoiding this trap by sourcing the memes ourselves, making the content creators a profile, and waiting for the honey-pot of sats on the profile to build up and eventually get claimed by the creator!
And, content creation out of the way, we can now focus our efforts on getting content consumers using our site. The consumer strategy hasn't been fully planned out yet, but most likely it'll involve more than just dope memes.


Big pieces of work done this week:
  • Profiles - you can now claim profiles on, this mechanism is designed so that can be connected to various other platforms/protocols. E.g. A select few users can now link their SN profile to their account. And, any memes they post in SN's meme mondays will be automatically ported over onto This feature is also being rolled out for Nostr. So you can automatically link your account to your Nostr account(s) and you memes will be cross-posted onto
  • Building out scraping scripts. These scripts are used to cross-post SN and Nostr memes onto For now, they're running in local scripts that I run daily/weekly on my machine, but the next step will be to automate them and have them running in the cloud in a cron job / queue, or something like that.
Video demo showing the profiles functionality:

Next week

Next week is gunna be all focused on content consumers and growing our user base and increasing the amount of sats spent in app.
  • Improve the core UX of the meme feed. We're not sure how we'll change it yet, but we'll be figuring this out next week. We have some creative ideas on this front, but need to make some tough decisions.
  • Bring economic incentives into the app for content consumers. Right now, only content creators have any real economic reason to sign up. We want to bring more value to our content consumers and encourage them to register. We have a few exciting ideas that we're planning on this front.
  • Some basic admin tools so our CMO (Chief Meme Officer) can more easily manage the 1000s of memes on the platform.
  • Nostr: we want more robust integrations with Nostr. we're gunna get Nostr sign in implemented in our app, and also experiment more with setting up a meme focused relay.
P.S. We have something exciting lined up tomorrow's Meme Monday!


Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4...
Weekly page views400*
Weekly Unique visitors80*
Total registered users34
Total reaction value1940 sats
Total memes uploaded8323
* approximate because analytics were added in the middle of the week

Claim your account

Here's a shoutout to all those users with unclaimed profiles!
@0204ce6d9d @022e3cc87a @02b7622c79 @02c228f055 @02fa90fd41 @032f088d51 @038395e3cc @03d1ebdca3 @0xbitcoiner @1c8c319862 @1SATequals1SAT @2009 @2023 @21JCLP @21m8 @23to30 @4 @8a3d0046aa @ad6018f6f7 @aguia @Alby @Alien @allonoumimelissa @And1 @anon @antic @asdasd123sadasd2 @AudelTK @Axis @badabing @BankersBadDream @Bap @Baxy @BC @BeardedSaintRef @bedifferent @Believe @bembureda @benwehrman @Bepositive @birdeye21 @BitByBit21 @bitchicken @bitcoinrationalist @BitcoinBlowClub @BitcoinFreedomSiim @bitcoingraffiti @BitcoinIsTheFuture @Bitcoinmaxi @bitcoinplebdev @BitcoinPoemsPro @BITCOINstandard @bitcointerest @Bitiplyx @Bitman @BitSATs @BononXD @brandonsbytes @brave @Brrr @btcbabychickens @Burn @cejota @Chep @cleaningup12 @corndalorian @CoSatoshi @Cowboy @Coyote_Cosmico @crrdlx @DanielAngelovBG @DarthCoin @davidw @deepologic @DeliveryGuy @DiedOnTitan @DiracDelta @eduardopro @elmeryee @elprotonhenrique @elysia @Emergency @energy @Entrep @entropicbit @Eobard @falsefaucet @fiatdenier @fixthemoneyfixtheworld @fm @fred @frostdragon @frosty @Futurecurrency @gbks @Gian @Giveme5 @gmd @gms @go @Hacker @hardran3 @hasherstacker @Hat @hisatoshi @HODL @HODLbitcoin @hodlcuban @hodlpleb @Hopeful_Sat @hugsatoshiwa @Human @hyperfree @IgnaciobTato @immutable @Infinity @ionisle @J7hT9 @jakoyoh629 @jasonofbitcoin @JerryGarcia @jinformatique @jk_14 @JohnySats @Jon_Hodl @joyepzion @k00b @kakocuro @ken @kenn_b @kepford @kevkevin @kr @kriptan @kuroba @kurszusz @ladyluck @lawndough @Lederhosen @legxxi @lightwalker @locomancell @Longtermwizard @lumps @lunanto @lust @Lux @macarena @mallardshead @mango @MEME_LORD @MIKUHAM @MMXXIII @Mr_F @mrtali @mSats @mudbloodvonfrei @namgiangnet @narc @nerd2ninja @newnym @nicosey @NigerianBitcoiner @nikotsla @nonym @nullama @Nuttall @oliverweiss @orange @orangecrush @Orangepilled @pacman @pako @peacemaker9964 @phatom @piecover @planB @poe7645 @PositiveEnergy @premitive1 @PrinterGoBrrr @Proofofwork @rafaelasprilla334 @RagstoRiches @Relight_Motion @Rockedf @rod @Roll @sahil @sancristrader @SatoshiNakanodo @satoshiplanet @Satoshis @SatoshisSkeleton @SATsStandard @SATurDay @Scholarhacker @Scoresby @SebastianKazimierz @seeker @seraph @sgmoore @Shinoa_Fores @SN023 @spookydub @spot @ssaurel @stacksatstoday @Star @StayhumbleStacksats @StudyBITCOIN @Taranis @tetsu_tamasi @thebullishbitcoiner @TheWildHustle @ThrillerX @Tjacten @TNStacker @tnuts420 @toxic @travis @Turnspit_Dog @u @VEINTIUNO @Wearesatoshin @WhyBitcoinOnly @Xlindo @yosats @zapomatic @zodthebarbarian
"we're gunna get Nostr sign in implemented in our app"
Yes. This.
General public seems to view Nostr as only a "social media platform". But one of the greatest use cases is the ability to have one identity that can be used across the entire internet. 1 private/public key pair to prove who I am, without having to KYC or dox my IRL identity. Nostr can be so much more than social media.
Nostr loggin just shipped 🔥
220 sats \ 8 replies \ @spot 5 Feb
its really for the creators, for the talented ones, wish it would become a meme catalogue where one can check for the latest originally created memes. I think 100 sats for creation is too much for meme artists. If the platform comes out to be a high rewarding content platform it will be ok to spend 100 sats on creation.
anyway how are you promoting original created contents over copy pasted contents from other social medias?
if this is a SAT hunt you are not doing any good to yourself, if you develop and run this efficiently, that way too good for you and also the bitcoin meme creators.
so even if you are on a SAT hunt, please rethink about long running this.
sn: whats the main profile and one other created upon claiming?
thanks for the mention, I felt like I am in the hood.
hey @spot appreciate your thoughts greatly. up until now, we've basically been working really hard to build and release our app. we just wanted to ship it and get it into the world. now that we've done that, we want to refine things and create a product that isn't "just another meme site" + lightning bolted onto it. we actually wanna create something of value that pushes the boundaries of what's possible, as well as help meme creators thrive... here's a little quote from our very first "product vision" written about a month ago:
  • Content creators: is a place for meme lords to share their dope memes, get > feedback and praise, and of course: stack sats. will be an incubator for the best memes, as well as a platform to create, curate and distribute them far and wide.
We really do want to help meme creators thrive, and in the coming months we'll be iterating on our product to try and make that vision a reality
22 sats \ 1 reply \ @spot 5 Feb
Nice vision, which is precise and clear.
Content creators: is a place for meme lords to share their dope memes, get feedback and praise, and of course: stack sats. will be an incubator for the best memes, as well as a platform to create, curate, and distribute them far and wide.
Is a mobile app in your roadmap for the future developments of this utility on Lightning?
Mobile isn't in the roadmap right now but will be a potential in the future :)
*** thanks for the mention; I felt like I belonged to the neighborhood.
fyi i got two profiles created under my profile. one main profile and another one. when i posted one content it got posted with the created one rather than the main one.
thanks for reporting, investigating........
100 sats \ 1 reply \ @jowo 5 Feb
ok, so i took a look and here's what's happening:
this is your profile - any memes you upload directly on will be under this profile
this is your profile - any memes you upload on SN's Meme Monday will be shown here
this is your combined profile - all your memes will be shown here
p.s. your SN profile picture wasn't showing, so we fixed that and now it's visible :) p.p.s. we're still working on the UX of profiles, which is why it's still not so obvious how they work. we're gunna be tweaking the UI of the app to make this clearer in the next few days. any feedback welcome! p.p.p.s. reducing the meme creation fee from 100 to 10.... change incoming....
very good.... keep up the work 100%. and thanks for the suppport.
61 sats \ 0 replies \ @Car 4 Feb
This is phenomenal, def consider defaulting to dark mode 👌
Really testing the limits of at-mentions there lol
Almost spam :)
hahaha good one!
Hahah i know right, being a bit cheeky with that 😏
Signed in and got a 404 message
21 sats \ 1 reply \ @jowo 5 Feb
Signed in and got a 404 message
thanks for reporting this!
I see what's going on there. Fix incoming
your profile is here:
it looks like the signin is sending you to an invalid url.
Good luck growing the platform!
reminds me of an ANSI gang
20 sats \ 0 replies \ @kr 4 Feb
Pretty cool 👍
Look like sats flow on meme ZAP are low. But looks great, All the best!
Yup, we're still young! We'll be working hard to improve the app experience and increase sat flows over the coming months
This is awesome.
Bugreport, or I'm dum: I have a tab open where I try to claim my profile there every few hours for a few days now, but picrel. Am I doin it wrong?
thanks so much for reporting this bug! we've just made a bug fix, can you try again now? please let us know how it goes! ⚡
Worked next time I tried it. TYTY
Really good idea, since it's possible on Nostr, for you to create these profiles and have them ready, as you say, to avoid the chicken or the egg problem. However when I go to the site and click 'latest' it looks like no one has posted a meme in a few days.
Really cool project. If you could just go ahead and keep posting my memes on Nostr to my profile in automatically, that would be great.
Appreciate your input. Keep an eye on the latest feed over the next week. There will be lots of fresh content coming as well as a redesign of the app layout 🙂
OK, while I have you,
... this is confusing
  • would be cool to start with a few sats to play with like does
  • I'm not able to upload images from the create/upload screen
  • when clicking on the meme from the 'top' page, it goes to the meme's individual page in a new tab, and then i right click on it to open the image in a new tab again - all just to see the image in it's max resolution - maybe a little lightbox button next to it in the feed
  • i encourage you not to institutionalize the fallacy that saving a copy of a meme and sharing it elsewhere is 'stealing' in any way
  • above intended to be constructive :D
this is awesome. thanks for your feedback this is really great.
we're gunna add these to our notes and make some changes based on the ideas (when we have time, probably within a few weeks)
no response needed, do dev things and thank you!
we're importing your Nostr profile into! You should be able to claim it here:
let us know how it goes!
YESSSS, Thank You!
FYI I had claimed it before, so now it's sort of got a lot going on, not sure if this is typical:
Wow nice!
can you remind me about this next weekend?
How do we zap a meme?
By leaving an emoji reaction! (The little + below the meme)
I've already claimed. At first, when I got "mention" notification on SN I thought it's spam with fishing site
Good luck, boys. You spread the LN great
haha yeah that'll be our last "mega @" comment here don't worry
Building a centralized social platform in 2024 without using Nostr is DOA.
Nostr plays a big role in our product roadmap 👍
What is DOA?
Dead On Arrival, i.e. a bad idea.
lol derek then why you back on twitter? hehehe
I also tried to claim, but my PC indicated that the site is virused... It was something, or my firewall is to "hard"? :)
Can you send a screenshot? 🤞
Also a quick shout out to @IgnaciobTato @ama and @roll
I saw you tried to claim you accounts on Monday, the claim process didn't work as expected for you 3. I've fixed the bug and have pinged you guys a few sats on, can you try and claim you account again? Let me know how it goes this time 💌
I've fixed the bug and have pinged you guys a few sats on, can you try and claim you account again? Let me know how it goes this time 💌
I think it works, I can see the menu with the profile, activity, wallet. What does it mean you pinged a few sats? Should the wallet show them?
ok, so it looks like your memes weren't pulled in properly! So I've gone and fixed that and now your last two submissions are showing with some sats zapped on em 👍
0 sats \ 1 reply \ @ama 5 Feb
Oh, I see, thanks! I couldn't make sense of what was going on, haha. I'll play around the site a little to figure it out.
sounds good, thanks! let us know what you think! :-)
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