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Integrating the nostr guide at https://uselessshit.co/resources/nostr/ with nostr 😅

Each entry in the guide will have a corresponding note on nostr, with reactions and comments.

Just updated your ln address 😉

Also thanks for the sats!

Will change your ln address with the upcoming deployment 🙂

Yeah I've setup the proxy and can receive payments to pitiunited@uselessshit.co 😁

https://uselessshit.co/resources/nostr/#lnurlp - NVK's guide is already there, perhaps will add the links you've posted below as well.

Gotta test the proxy to WoS too.

It is, I'm not so good with memes 😅 That's not the point of this guide tho

Experimenting with animated tip jars at https://uselessshit.co 😁 Made one for @lukeonchain and for myself 😉

https://uselessshit.co/tip-jar/lukeonchain https://uselessshit.co/tip-jar/pitiunited

Would anyone like one for testing?

Working on nostr newcomers guide https://uselessshit.co/resources/nostr for nearly two weeks 😁

I'm happy to do it for free 🤙 You can tip me afterwards if you like 🙂

Spending a lot of time on nostr recently.

Anyone would like a NIP-05 identifier at uselessshit.co ? 😅

I should be doing some housework today but I can't get off nostr ⚡ Has anyone here tried it?

People literally are live streeming sats to each other with lightning and it's 🔥

Spend the most of my day on twitter today 😅 but I've managed to implement a background overlay feature to graphics generated with https://uselessshit.co/card-generator

Here's the outcome:

Messing around with bitcoin artwork creator at https://uselessshit.co/card-generator 🙂 Yesterday I added an ability to export graphics as images (along with the print friendly pdfs). Some results:

Today I'm working on adding text shadow & overlay to the generator 🙂

Appreciate any kind of feedback!

Have a good one!

Messing around with the bitcoin artwork creator at https://uselessshit.co/card-generator - a tool that lets you easily create bitcoin gift cards, bookmarks & stickers 😉 Now you can also save the graphics as images to share on social media 🙂

Have a good one!

Wanted to share a sneak peek of the advent calendar my girlfriend made 😁


Recently I've been in and out in regards to my cabin project which I started in October. In the last few days I managed to get things moving a bit 🙂

electrical-installation electrical-installation-1 electrical-installation-2 electrical-installation-4

Have a good one!

Held my breath purposefully for over 80 hours during the past ~ two years. The practice is as impactful as bitcoin is 😉

Highly recommend checking out https://www.wimhofmethod.com/

Changed my life, might change yours too 😉

Have a good one!