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SN user since item #166 Early adopter (2012 class), old bitcoiner (toxic) maximalist, trying to onboard to Bitcoin as many nocoiners I can, by doing guides and give them support 24/7.
Shitcoiners - prove yourself you are worth it, otherwise HFSP.

I am testing BTC/LN solutions all the time from the POV of a normal user just to be able to teach noobs into that BTC solution they need for each case. My free newsletter guides: In English | Español | Deutsch | Dutch | Français | Italiano | Hrvatski

I do not run a routing public node anymore. Only private ones.

Yes, hate me if you want, for my writing tone, for my way to express myself... I don't fucking care! It's your problem not mine, if you are too snowflake for my way. Important is the message and content I wrote not the way I say it.


The legend of DarthCoin:

In 2012 this old wise friend of mine (is older than me and literally like ObiWan), that was mining Bitcoin, he told me about Bitcoin.

And he literally told me: "if somebody will want to strike down Bitcoin, it will make it even stronger than we can imagine."

That made me think and study deeply into Bitcoin and that's how DarthCoin was born.


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Thanks for your contributions to SN and within the bitcoin field! Just started reading your guides. Thanks for writing those! I'm doing combo of private nodes on Blixt and CLN (on Embassy Pro device) and an LND routing node that I'm having fun managing (also on Embassy Pro). While I would prefer to have clearnet support (this is supposedly coming in 2023), Tor only seems to be working okay for the moment. I'm not running a routing node to get rich but rather to contribute to decentralization of the LN network and support better liquidity.

I have had quite a few force closures on me lately, however. I've reached out to the node operators and the theme is that they are running their nodes on Umbrel and did not initiate the force closures or even know why they are happening.

My "best" channels are the big players (like c=) to be honest. Great flow both directions with that. I'll have to be more selective in choose channels to open in the future.

Thanks again for your work!

Can vouch for Darth's helpfulness in the Umbrel community ⚡️🙌

i see your node is slowly dying?

Yes, I let it die. Soon will be shut down. As I said many times now, I stop running routing nodes. I run only private nodes.

Also as a side note... latest Umbrel update is a TOTAL MESS! Never thought it will became such garbage.

yeah umbrel is trash. i will try unbrel soon

Care to say what is specifically bad about it?

I think that for any serious node one should start from a bare bones linux installation.

Can't see myself holding serious amounts (e.g 1BTC for my risk-tolerance) in something that's early phase, node.js, abstracts everything away and etc.

It's a good opportunity to dip your toes.

you say it. barebone linux + bitcoind + lnd/cln, not docker-container from questionable sources

And remember: the goal is to FUCK THE BANKS, not to fuck each others...

had me laughing, well said

Thanks. Also I open a substack newsletter with all the guides: https://darthcoin.substack.com/ Here are some of the latest guides on Umbrel Community Forum (will come more) https://community.getumbrel.com/c/guides/14/l/top/all

Fucking Legend.


Welcome aboard!