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Same as Ever by Morgan Housel. Just recently finished listening to it on audiobook and it was a good "read".
Not really BTC oriented, but just finished Same as Ever by Morgan Housel. Much more Psychology and Behavioral focus but told via many economic and financial stories.
I have not, I will be looking at it shortly. Been away from SN for a little while as life's gotten busy. Thanks!
10ve looked very composed. Didn't take sacks (some credit to OL but also he threw some away which was good to see). Accuracy looked better as well, deep ball still needs some work. The young WRs are exciting. If they keep developing and progressing, in a year or two this might be the most stacked WR group the Packers have had (dating back to the Driver/Jennings/Nelson/Jones days). Watson, Doubs, Reed, and Wicks. Plus Musgrave and Kraft at TE. Then Heath had some nice plays as well. Nothing's guaranteed, but the last three weeks have provided Packer fans some hope haha
Thanks! I'm aware of it, long running faucet. I just don't like the "pool" betting but I've used it before. Was hoping it was some LN enabled site :)
Where are you betting with Sats? Is there a site or just p2p here?
Also, Go Pack Go. Nice to see some improvement and promise from all those young players
Not new, but perhaps new to someone else. I think that's what I find the most fun about music is looking backwards in time to find unique or new music to me, not just stuff being freshly released.
Morphine - Cure for Pain Band featuring a lead sax instead of guitar, I was blown away when I first heard it years and years ago. Definitely unique.
I am all over the spectrum when it comes to musical genres. I do feel that reggae has the most positive vibes so when I'm depressed or stress it's my go to. If you want some more modern reggae/rock, check out Stick Figure or Iya Terra!
Not too upset about the Packers losing, they looked improved overall on offense which is all I'm looking for at this point. The defense, especially the run game looks atrocious (3.6 yards before contact ain't good). Our draft position is looking good at least. The Steelers were gifted that win because of a terrible call on a backwards pass that was called an incompletion and somehow upheld upon review which is just plain to see. The NFLs worst call since the Fail Mary probably. It's a defensive TD for the Packers and at worst a first and goal. We lost by 4... Perhaps I don't watch sports news/podcasts enough, but I certainly hope this is talked about!
Ever listen to Doug Martsch solo album or his work with The Halo Benders? Virginia Reel Around The Fountain. Your Asterisk from The Rebels Not In is a good listen.
Luckily for me it's a day with few meetings so it is in my queue. The other one my wife and I love from KILAS is Time Trap. We were out in BC a few years back camping and saw an inch worm move exactly to beat in the middle of the song, got a video of it and everything. Had to be there but something I'll never forget haha!
Built to Spill is amazing. Keep it a Secret is my favorite album, but I've enjoyed There's Nothing Wrong With Love more and more. The song Car is probably my overall favorite song by the band.
I mean... I'm cool with some zaps, but I really want to know if this is a possibility.
Time is the only correct answer. You can't ever create more of it, and you can't prevent your personal stash from draining.
I like @siggy47 list of teams. I too would never support those, but "true" fandom is also about more than money. I'm not a fan of any sports team because of money, I am because of friends, family, and tradition. Everytime I watch a Packer game I don't think about how they conduct business I think of being a kid and watching games religiously in a Sunday with my parents. Memories like that mean more to me than how the team conducts business.
Perhaps I'm just feeling nostalgic and principles today.
Edit: added "true" in there, I suppose I could be paid some BTC to wear jerseys and attend games, but I'd never truly give a shit about how that team performed.
Free speech isn't freedom from consequences. Secondly, free speech isn't under attack by politicians and politics, it's more threatened by corporations and industry monopolies. The anger needs to be redirected from the puppets to the puppeteers.
Here we go, title defense starts right now! Packers (love the Pack, hate the pick) Dolphins 49ers 52
Why thank you. I feel a streak coming, look out world...or at least SN members!
I'm back, I'm so back!
Thanks again!