There's been a constant stream of privacy resources posted on Stacker News over its early life, though not all are likely to be found again. I thought I'd borrow some inspiration from the Stacker News newsletter series to resurface some content. With a clean slate now we have ~privacy separated, let's bring some of these posts back into the fold.

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Tip #1 - If you think we missed a SN post and it deserves inclusion, add a comment and we'll index it in future editions. Depending on the reaction, we'll look to curate some resources each quarter. Tip #2 - When reviewing the links below, a reminder that you can click on any author's profile, tap the ... and subscribe to their posts. That way you'll be notified when they post, privacy-related or not. I didn't know this feature existed until recently and it's awesome!
Giving Credit - For each section it was tempting to mention & tag all you awesome authors. To give kudos for the guides & links on SN to date. However that somewhat goes against the ethos we're building of discretion for these sensitive topics. Make sure you as a reader you ⚡ zap, zap, zap ⚡ inside these ageing articles and show your appreciation that way. Especially should you find new content of interest that makes you consider new tools or tech.

Introductions to Privacy

Below are a few Stacker posts to introduce us to some general background and landscape of privacy. Helping us understand what the Cypherpunk's envisaged and predicted for us , what type of surveillance we are up currently against and thirdly what we need to build and adopt to shield us from the panopticon today.

Privacy Philosophy

Big Tech & Government

Comprehensive Guides

Where to Start

Privacy can seem like it's too difficult. Therefore deciding to start is actually more difficult than knowing where to start. But the trade-offs are no longer what they once were. Privacy-focused software is essentially as intuitive and easy to use as their mainstream toxic alternatives.
Below are a bunch of posts of Stackers sharing their experiences and tips, for n00bs and veterans alike. This initial batch of article is focused on hardware and OS for both desktop and mobile.

Privacy Principles

Desktops & Laptops





Now to the main course. We have sound money, we have sound hardware and we have an OS that has our best interests at heart. Let's now look at the software we run.
Most of the Stackers are making use of some great email tools out there, running their own domains, creating email aliases or using privacy-minded clients. VPNs and password managers are also a hot topic around these woods, offering us some great choices to spend our bitcoin and lightning on tech that serves us not enslaves us, making identifying or 'hacking' us as customers a far more difficult task.



Website Hosting

Search Engines


Passwords & Auth




Data & Videocalls



Much like in the early days of Bitcoin, many of us may wrongly assume that much of what we post on Nostr is somewhat private. That actually couldn't be further from the truth most of the time, so these Stacker posts will have you considering best practices when adopting our new social database layer for the internet.


Many of us are well versed on Bitcoin privacy. Many much more than I. This summary is only scratching the surface in terms of the content that exists on the SN site. Below are some poignant posts about bitcoin's traceability, both onchain and lightning best practices, as well as different UTXO and coinjoin strategies. Don't be afraid to post and ask questions in the comments below. There's no reason to be overwhelmed when we have such a talented community here.





UXTO Coin Control

UTXO Consolidation


NOT on Stacker News

Lastly, we have a selection of content that is external to Stacker News worthy of our attention. We will have many follow-up posts where this list expands, but for now the following guides, posts & video channels will keep you very busy. Many of the below are not to be missed!


Bitcoin Guides

Extreme Privacy - Paid eBooks

@Darthcoin Guides

Video Resources

Special Mention

Privacy YouTube Channels

Andreas Videos

More to come on external resources in a future post...


Special thanks to the entire Stacker.News community for posting epic content each and every week. It's one of the only places in the Wild West to learn about privacy.
Moving Stackers to the right side! The intention with this post and others is to get all of us moving along the privacy spectrum, one number at a time. Sharing practices that many of us have normalised by now. Encouraging others to take their next step. Let's move everyone forward 1 step over to the right.. (myself included)
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